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Curry-Weissbrodt Papers


Scope and Contents

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James E. Curry Papers

I.S. Weissbrodt Papers

Alaska Reference Materials

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Curry-Weissbrodt Papers, 1930-1979 | Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives

By Flora M. Beierly (1981) Zachary R. Jones (2009)

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Collection Overview

Title: Curry-Weissbrodt Papers, 1930-1979Add to your cart.

ID: MS/026

Primary Creator: Curry, James E. (1907-1972)

Other Creators: Alaska Native Brotherhoood, Central Council for the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska, Weissbrodt, I. S. (1910-)

Extent: 70.0 Boxes


Series 1: The Curry Papers

Series 2: The Weissbrodt Papers

Series 3: The Alaska Reference Materials

Date Acquired: 07/21/1982

Subjects: Alaska Native Brotherhood--History., Haida Indians--History., Tlingit Indians--History.

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This seventy-one box collection contains papers and legal documents gathered, generated, and amassed by the two main law firms that represented the Tlingit and Haida Indians from 1945 to the signing of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. These two separate law firms were led by James E. Curry and I. S. Weissbrodt, both of whom were well established lawyers with backgrounds in represented Native American Indian tribes across the United States.

James E. Curry was first hired by the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood (ANB and ANS) in 1945, and Curry represented them for a decade. In 1957 I. S. “Lefty” Weissbrodt replaced Curry, though Curry continued to assist Weissbrodt after Weissbrodt’s hire. Weissbrodt, however, was employed by both ANB/ANS and the federally recognized tribal government the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA). The materials in this collection comprise and document, in great detail, the legal actions and interests of the Tlingit and Haida people as represented by ANB/ANS and CCTHITA for nearly three decades and during a crucial period in the legal and political history of the Tlingit and Haida Indians.

The materials in this collection document this three decade legal representation. While more than half of this collection concerns the Tlingit and Haida land claims movement (which also documents aspects of the land claims movement on a state-wide level), the collection also details many legal ventures and actions outside of the land claims movement. Topics outside of the land claims movement documented in this collection include, but are not limited to; opposition to the 1950 Alaska statehood bill, civil rights, opposition to unfavorable and discriminatory legislation, fisheries management, subsistence, efforts to improve the quality of life for the Tlingit and Haida through legal efforts, and other. In regards to the land claims movement, this collection contains a very detailed record of Tlingit and Haida efforts to obtain land. The collection contains correspondence, depositions, legal papers, copies of proposed bills, resolutions, surveys, and documents that show the administrative position of ANB/ANS and CCTHITA in regards to land claims.

The collection documents the high level of interest and participation in the land claims and civil rights movements by tribal members and organizations, the growing sophistication and changing activities of various Tlingit and Haida individuals and organizations, and political, legal, and legislative tactics indicated or employed by the Tlingit and Haida Indians for three decades. It should be noted that a substantial amount of material documents the activities of ANB/ANS lawyers William L. Paul, Sr. and Jr., who had prior to Curry’s hire and did simultaneously represent the Tlingit and Haida during parts of this period. This collection contains the correspondence of ANB/ANS and CCTHITA leadership with individuals and organizations of all kinds, including federal officials, state elected officials (such as governors and legislators), and other. Lawyers Curry and Weissbrodt kept detailed files on their efforts and instructions from ANB/ANS and CCTHITA, which now serves to document this historical period for the Tlingit and Haida.

The collection has been arranged into three record groups or Series, largely in reflection of the firm employed for the Tlingit and Haida. These include; Series 1: The Curry Papers, Series 2: The Weissbrodt Papers, and Series 3: The Alaska Reference Materials.

Series 1: The Curry Papers are those created or generated by James E. Curry from 1945 to 1957 while employed by ANB and ANS. The Curry Papers are arranged largely by subject and alphabetical order. There are 13 boxes of Curry Papers.

Series 2: The Weissbrodt Papers are those created or generated by I. S. Weissbrodt and associates from 1957 into the 1970s while employed by ANB/ANS and the CCTHITA. These papers are arranged into four sub-groups: two relating to the administrative papers of CCTHITA; one relating to the land claims lawsuits; and the last relating to the lobbying effort that led to the enactment of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. The Weissbrodt Papers are arranged in subject files, in chronological order on the box level. However, there is considerable intermingling of material from different time periods and from the Curry files. There are 37 boxes of Weissbrodt Papers.

Series 3: The Alaska Reference Materials are primarily duplicates of the materials in the collection, and reference materials gathered by Weissbrodt and associates. They are informally arranged by type or subject. The Alaska Reference Materials are currently stored offsite, and it will require one to two days advance notice before these papers can be available for patrons to view. There are 20 boxes of reference materials. A list of these files is not provide in the online finding aid, but can be requested in hardcopy. [Note: some publications from this Series have been removed and cataloged in the main library catalog.]

Note: The materials in this collection have been microfilmed and are also available at the Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage and Historical Collections Division, Alaska State Library (ASL Call # 0043 MFMS).

Biographical Note

James E. Curry (1907-1972) was an attorney during the 1930s up to the 1950s active in the legal affairs of Alaskan Natives, particularly the Tlingit and Haida. He was born in Chicago, IL of Irish-American parents. He entered Loyola University as a scholarship student and received his law degree in 1930. After a short employment term in the legal division of an insurance company, he opened his own law office. At the same time he was secretary of the Chicago branch of the American Civil Liberties Union and an attorney for the Consumers’ Cooperatives. He married Alma M. Weinhofen, also of Chicago, and in the winter of 1936 came to Washington to accept employment in the Indian Service. His term as secretary was short, but his duties required him to travel widely. He gained first-hand knowledge of the problems of the Indian groups in many states. He also held government positions such as assistant chief legal advisor with the Consumers Council division of the Department of the Interior and counsel for the Reconstruction Administration in Puerto Rico. His Puerto Rican work consisted largely of representing public corporations that owned the various public utility systems there. After his return to the USA, his clients included the National Congress of American Indians and a large number of Indian tribes. His efforts on behalf of the Indian tribes resulted in a long-standing dispute with the government officials of the Interior Department and the eventual dwindling of his Indian business. From 1955 to the time of his death in 1972, he acted in an advisory and consultative capacity on the Indian claims cases he had carried for so many years.

Subject/Index Terms

Alaska Native Brotherhood--History.
Haida Indians--History.
Tlingit Indians--History.

Administrative Information

Repository: Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives

Acquisition Source: I.S. Weissbrodt

Acquisition Method: The materials in the collection were donated to SHI by I. S. Weissbrodt on July 21, 1982. Accession # 1982.001.

Preferred Citation: Mss 26, Series #, Box #, Fd #, Curry-Weissbrodt Papers, Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives, Juneau, AK

Processing Information: Processed by: Glenda Choate in Jan. 1983.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: James E. Curry Papers],
[Series 2: I.S. Weissbrodt Papers],
[Series 3: Alaska Reference Materials],

Series 1: James E. Curry PapersAdd to your cart.
Box 1: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 1:    Minutes of Alaska Fisheries Committee (September 28, 1945). Letter from Curry to Paul informing him of Curry becoming legal counsel of Congress of American Indians (1945). Petition for Possessory Rights for Tenakee and Angoon (1944).

Fd 2.1:             Correspondence regarding Possessory Rights of Alaskan Natives (1951). News clipping on Rejection of Use of Script in Alaska (1951). Copy of H.R. 4388 (1951) - To settle Native land claims in Territory of Alaska and to assist the Natives of Alaska in stabilizing their economy. H.R. 3882 (1951) - Bill authorizing Secretary of Interior to lease withdrawn or reserved public lands in Alaska for dock, wharf and landing site purposes.

Fd 2.2: Correspondence regarding possessory rights petition and the impending deadline for filing petitions on December 31, 1950. Letter to Alaska Native Brotherhood (June 20, 1950) listing petitions received by the Office of Indian Affairs and names of villages filing petitions.

Fd 2.3: Correspondence on possessory rights - Petition for Possessory Rights Hearing and Reservation for Bucklin (Elephant Point). List of 25 towns filing petitions (January 1950), Petition for Atka (1949).

Fd 3:                Correspondence on publicity for reservations in Alaska (1951).

Fd 4.1:             Petition for Possessory Rights (1949) and St. Michael (1949).

Fd 4.2: Correspondence regarding petition for creation of reservation for Yakutat. Section G – Wrangell Territory of Goldschmidt-Haas Report, Attorneys, contracts for possessory rights hearings. Statement of policy on Native Land Claims in Southeastern Alaska by Secretary of Interior Gardener (1947)

Fd 4.3: Night letter from Lester Roberts, ANB Secretary to all villages telling them Hydaburg just offered reservation based on possessory rights estimated worth millions of dollars. Offer to have attorney to file petition for other individual villages (1949)

Fd 5:                News clippings and publicity on Indian Issues (1950-1951).

Fd 6.1:             Alaska Public Utilities: Correspondence (1950).

Fd 6.2: Alaska Public Works: Correspondence 1950-1951. News release on money allocated to Alaska Public Works. Summary of Powers, Method of Organization and Jurisdiction of First Class Cities in Alaska (Taken from Alaska Compiled Laws Annotated 1949 by William Paul, Jr.

Fd 7:                Alaska Railroad: Correspondence (1950).

Fd 8:    Alaska Religion: Correspondence regarding Native concern about liquor advertising (1951).

Fd 9.1: Alaska Reorganization: Draft of House Bill to Repeal Chapter 23, Session Laws of Alaska 1929 relating to the repeal of laws providing for local self-government of Native Villages (1951); Report by Curry to Natives of Southeast Alaska on claims for lost land. Constitution and By-Laws of Ogalala Sioux of South Dakota. Instructions for organization in Alaska under the Reorganization Act of 1934. Constitution of the Tlingit Investment and Manufacturing Company

Fd 9.2: Alaska Reorganization: Copies of correspondence proposed changes in statutes regarding Alaska Reorganization (1935-1946)

Fd 10:              Alaska Reports - Report to ANB by Curry (1951).

Fd 11.1:           Alaska Reservation - Printed materials, news clippings, memorandum, report by Curry to Alaska Natives on their claims against the Government for lands lost by the Natives (1951). Other correspondents on this topic: William Paul, Jr., William Paul, Sr., Cyrus Peck, Oscar Chapman, Elizabeth Peratrovich, E. L. Bartlett, Frank Peratrovich, Ruth Bronson, Roger Baldwin, Alaska Native Service, Harold L. Ickes, ANB, NCAI, Indian Rights Association.

Fd 11.2:           Excerpt from Report by Curry to the 7th Annual Convention of the NCAI in Bellingham, WA (1950). Correspondence with Paul and others about reservations - and efforts to have reservation order issued; question of Hydaburg Natives born in British Columbia and their right to vote in Hydaburg election. Three issues of the National Congress of American Indians Bulletin for 1950 discussing the activities of ANB and land claims.

Fd 11.3:           Correspondence on election at Hydaburg, establishment of Native reservation in Alaska, airline tickets for travel to Alaska, copy of telegram.

Fd 11.4:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as E. L. Bartlett and Oscar L. Chapman, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr., Frank Peratrovich, Lester Roberts, and Elizabeth Peratrovich, 1950.

Fd 11.5:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as E. L. Bartlett and Oscar L. Chapman, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr. and Frank Peratrovich, 1949-1950.

Fd 11.6:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as E. L. Bartlett and the American Civil Liberties Union, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr., Cyrus Peck, Lester Roberts, and Frank Peratrovich, 1949.

Fd 11.7:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as E. L. Bartlett, Julius A. Krug, the American Civil Liberties Union, and National Congress of American Indians, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr., Cyrus Peck, Lester Roberts, and Frank Peratrovich, 1949.

Fd 11.8:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, and National Congress of American Indians, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr. and Cyrus Peck, 1949.

Fd 11.9:           Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, university, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as Julius A. Krug, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr., and Cyrus Peck, 1949.

Fd 11.10:         Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby federal, national, university, and Alaskan organizations and elected officials in regards to reservations, such as Julius A. Krug, and with ANB leadership and others, includes correspondence with William L. Paul Sr., and Cyrus Peck, 1949.

Fd 11.11:         Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby Alaska organizations, includes ANB correspondence, 1949.

Fd 11.12:         Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby national and Alaska organizations to support Alaskan Natives in their efforts to obtain reservation, correspondence with ANB, 1949-1952.

Fd 11.13:         Correspondence of Curry’s efforts to lobby national organizations to support Alaskan Natives in their efforts to obtain reservation, bulk consists of letters to President Harry Truman lobbying him on question of lands for Alaskan Indians. Also includes incoming correspondence of Cyrus Peck. Dates 1949-1950.

Box 1a: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 11.14-.20:  Alaska Reorganization: (Continued) Letters from organizations to Truman asking him to intercede on behalf of the Alaskan Indians in their struggle to retain their homeland: American Friends Service Committee, churches, social organizations, ACLU, college presidents, CIO, AFL. Letters from members of the Congress to Cyrus Peck, Grand Camp Alaska Native Brotherhood acknowledging his request for assistance. Lobbying efforts by Curry to influential people extensively documents efforts by Curry and other on the issue of reservations/lands for Alaskan Natives. Also concerns expressed for protection of Native rights under possible statehood bills for Alaska. (1944-1949).

Fd 12:  Correspondence on lobbying efforts for roads from Yakutat to the Situk River by 38th Annual Convention of ANB and ANS in Craig, November 18, 1950.

Fd 13:  Alaska Russian Church: Correspondence between Curry and Paul about Curry’s work obtaining plats and patent copies for Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America (1950).

Fd 14.1-.7:      Alaska Statehood: Correspondents William Paul, Jr., members of U.S. Congress on statehood issues plus copies of bills (1950-1952). Lobbying efforts by Curry and others on statehood bills which are deemed detrimental to interests of Alaskan Natives. Southern senators lobbied against Alaska and Hawaii statehood bills because to them it would mean four more senators who supported civil rights. Letters to Native organizations from Curry reporting on work on Alaska statehood bills and efforts to improve Natives' position. Copies: S. 2036 and H.R. 331. Mailing list of Alaskan organizations and towns with whom Curry had contact on Alaskan issues. (1948-1950).

Box 1b: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 14.8-.9:      Alaska Statehood: Copies of H.R. 331 - Statements from interested people opposing H.R. 331. Copy of H.R. 5666 - Statehood for Alaska. (1949-1950).

Fd 15:  Alaska - Swanson (1950): Correspondence about a case in which Curry considered representing Swanson in the "Loss of the VERMAY."

Fd 16:  Alaska Taxation (1951): Draft of House Bill to "equalize the tax burden and cost of administration of collection of taxes on business and manufacturing establishments operating in more than one division of Alaska, amending the Alaska Business Tax.

Fd 17:  Alaska Timber: Correspondence on timber development in Alaska. Copy of the Timber Sale Agreement (1951). Newspaper clippings, printed materials on pulp industry in Alaska. Interoffice memorandum, including reports of conferences with government officials, copies of successive drafts of Tongass Act, reports to clients (1947-1952). Correspondents: Ruth Bronson, William Paul, Jr., Frances Lopinsky, Alaska Native Brotherhood. Memorandum for files: Alaska Timber (1947).

Fd 18: Alaska Time Records: Affidavits, contract, Lawyers Daily Time Sheet records of William Paul, Jr. with listing of time and services provided to various Native groups (1951).

Fd 19:  Alaska Title Extinguishment: H.R. 190 - Bill to extinguish the Indian Title to lands in the Territory of Alaska. Conference on Aboriginal Rights Hearing (1945) and documents attempts to have Natives give up claims for certain land (surrender of possessory rights); article "Open Season on Alaskan Natives" by Felix S. Cohen.

Fd 20:  Trap Abolition: Correspondence regard fish trap tax, Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (ANB - January 8, 1949), abolition of fish traps by administrative regulation. Correspondents: E. L. Bartlett, Frances Lopinsky, Lester Roberts, William Paul, Jr., Frank Peratrovich, William Paul, Sr.

Fd 21:  Alaska Trespass (1948): Letter from Curry with heading "Re: Trespass on Ancestral Lands."

Fd 22:  Alaska Trips (1946-1947): Series of memos and copies of correspondence describing in detail trips and contacts in Alaska by Frances Lopinsky and Ruth Bronson. Memorandum to files on Kake (1947) describing the current status of the village and its inhabitants (Lopinsky). Bronson (Secretary of the National Congress of Indians of America) was in Alaska to investigate certain phases of Native land claims against federal government and to consult with the people on the subject of attorneys and their contract in the matter of property claims. Contracts and attorneys required approval of the Office of Indian Affairs and correspondence documents this concern.

Fd 23:  United Nations (1948-1952): Correspondence to: Secretary of State George Marshall (1948), Harold Ickes, Roger Baldwin (ACLU), Eleanor Roosevelt, Frances Lopinsky, Robert J. Peratrovich, Jr. Efforts of Indians of Southeast Alaska to appeal to United Nations for compensation for land claims due from the U.S. Government, on the grounds that Natives had never made a treaty, with U.S. Letter to Marshall (1948) from Curry representing Native communities, NCAI, ANB, THIA and asking for help or else have matter referred to the Committee bn Non-Self Governing Territories.

Fd 24:  Alaska War Claims (1950): Claims for war damages and Curry's representing damaged parties. Copy II Application for Living Civilian Detention Benefits."

Fd 25:  Alaska Welfare (1951): Letter from Paul Jr. to Gruening regard application for direct relief for Natives of Alaska plus correspondence asking for opinion of Attorney General on the issue.

Box 2: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 1:    Alaska Airports (1948-1950): Memos, correspondence, newspaper clippings about projected airport construction in Alaska. Also CAA Seaplane Facility Drawings.

Fd 2:    AFL (1951): Memorandums and correspondence between Curry and William Paul, Jr. and others in AFL in Alaska.

Fd 3.1-.5:        Alaska Native Brotherhood (1948-1952): ANB Newsletter, Juneau, AK February 9, 1949; ANB & ANS Sitka Convention (1948), Minutes, Resolution, Financial Reports. Report by Curry to ANB (1951) Convention. Speeches delivered to ANB Convention (1950). Copies of Resolutions ANB Convention at Klawock (1949), Minutes ANB Convention at Sitka (1939); Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting, Sitka (1950); ANB & ANS, Sitka (1952). List of officers and delegates, 40th Annual Convention of ANB, Hoonah (1952); Minutes and Report by Curry to ANB Convention (1952).

Fd 4: Alaska Native Brotherhood Convention (1948-1950): Second draft of Statement of Services by Curry for ANB (March 1949); Memos on Preparatory Work on Alaska Bills (1948); Record of payments to Curry from ANB (February 28, 1950).

Fd 5:    Alaska Native Brotherhood Fee payment (1947-1948): Report by Paul Jr. on NCAI Convention (194?); ANB Newsletter, Resolution from 1948 Convention; Memo to Lopinsky and Cohen updating them on activities in Alaska (1948) from Rita Singer. Correspondence from Singer on travels for the firm in Alaska (1948).

Fd 6:    Alaska Native Brotherhood Correspondence (1948): Curry Annual Report to ANB Convention 1949; Bo Bartlett's speech to ANB Convention (1948); Memorandum for the file: Notes on speech delivered to ANB Convention (1948), Treasurers Report ANB Convention (1948); Resolutions 1947 Convention; ANB Newsletters.

Fd 7:    Alaska Fish Traps (1948-1950): Resolution No.6 (Elimination of Fish Traps) ANB Convention (1950); Notes on Alaskan Fish Trap Bill (S. 1446, HR 3859) - Correspondence between Curry and Paul on fish trap situation in Alaska. Copies of "Application for Permit for fish structure" for Kake, Wrangell, Juneau, Sitka (1948).

Fd 8.1-.2:        Alaska Native Brotherhood Newsletter (1951-1952): Notes by Paul Sr. on trip to Washington, D.C. to give the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Insular Possessions information on Curry in relation to his conduct of 47900. Minutes of the Executive Committee ANB at Sitka (March 1952). Statement of charges to ANB for services of Curry's office (1951). Correspondence regarding misunderstanding between Curry and Paul Sr. (1952).

Fd 9:    Alaska Fish Bill (1943-1944): Statement by Curry to the Subcommittee of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of Senate and Subcommittee of Fisheries of the Ancient Marine and Fisheries Committee of the House of Representatives on S. 1446, and H.R. 3859. Statement by Frances Lopinsky on S. 1446 and H.R. 3859.

Fd 10.1-.2:      Alaska Fish Traps (1948): Correspondence about H.R. 1515 (Salmon trap bill) and copy of the bill. Memorandum on Abolition - Reduction of Fish traps (1948). Correspondence on fish trap litigation (1948).

Fd 11:  Alaska Appointments (1951-1952): Appointments of people to serve on committees dealing with Alaskan Native concerns (1951).

Box 2a: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 12.1-.4:      Alaska Attorney Contracts (1950-1952): Correspondence regarding contracts negotiated by Curry and other attorneys associated with his firm. Assignment of Interest in Attorney Contract by Curry to Weissbrodt and others (1950). Comments by Curry and Paul Jr. on proposed rule on attorney contracts with Indian tribes (1950). Also correspondence between Curry and Paul Jr. on their role and work as attorneys for Native groups and discussion of difficulties in their relationship and with the communities they represented. Correspondence about Paul Sr.’s attack of Curry, ANB’s statements of confidence in Curry, and then Paul Sr.’s resignation as ANB attorney (1952).

Fd 13:  Alaska Credit (1948): Correspondence from Paul Jr., Curry and other about legislation on chattel mortgages, I.R.A. Credit Fund, Kake and Klawock Cannery Purchases. Copy of Annual Credit Report for fiscal year ending June 30, 1948, BIA.

Fd 14:  Alaska Education (1948-1949): Correspondence about schools in Alaska. Copies of H.B. 76 (1949), H.R. 2121, change over of schools in Alaska from the Indian System to the Territorial Systems (l948).

Fd 15:  Alaska Elections (1950): Letter from William Paul, Jr. to Frank Peratrovich regarding election in which two Eskimos received the highest vote in the primary election for both parties (1950).

Fd 16:  Alaska Emancipation (1951): Alaska House Memorial in complaint of Alaska Native Service (1951).

Fd 17:              Alaska Newspaper Clippings (1951).

Fd 18:  Alaska Fish Legislation (1947-1950): Legislation, Resolutions, Newspaper clippings, Correspondence about proposed fish legislation.

Fd 19:  Alaska Boat Insurance (1950-1951): Efforts of Alaska Native Brotherhood to organize mutual insurance company to issue marine coverage for Native fishing boats.

Fd 20:  Alaska Cannery Legislation (1948-1949): Documents efforts to have canneries declared public utilities.

Fd 21.1-.2:      Alaska Civil Liberties (l948-1949): Correspondence by Curry, Hope and others regarding racial discrimination practiced against Indians. Pleadings in Paul v. Pacific American Fisheries (l949).

Fd 22:  Alaska Courts (1951): Letter of approval from Paul Jr. to Curry on nominations to the Alaska Court System.

Fd 23.1-.3:      Alaska Commercial Fishing Regulations (l942-1952): Comments and concerns expressed about Alaska fishing regulations. Correspondents include: Paul, Jr., Curry, federal officials. Copy of fishing regulations issued 1949-1952. Pleadings from suits on fishing regulations. Resolutions by ANB regard fishing regulations. Copy of contract between Alaska Salmon Industry, Inc., and Cannery Workers Auxiliary (1942).

Fd 24:  Alaska Game Rights (1947-1950): List of trap sites on which testimony was presented in 1939-1940 investigations. Correspondence regarding Establishment of Indian Fish traps on Aboriginal Lands, Agreements on fish trap use between Village of Tyonek and the General Fish Company (n.d.). Correspondence on Alaska game laws and the rights of Natives to take game for personal use out of season.

Fd 25.1-.3:      Alaska Fish Traps (1947-1948): Correspondence/reports from Rita Singer on trip to Alaska. Lists of fish traps at various locations (1948), Applications for Territorial License for Fish Traps for various organizations represented by Paul Jr. Draft of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Alaska Fisherman's Cooperative Association, Inc. (1948).

Fd 26:  Alaska Grorud (1948): Correspondence regard the activities of Albert Grorud, an adversary of Curry. Grorud wanted to represent other Indian nations in suit against the government.

Fd 27:  Alaska Homesteads (1950): Correspondence and pleadings in regard to applications for Indian Homestead allotments.

Fd 28:  Alaska Housing (1952): Correspondence concerning the possibility of expanding the Alaska Housing Authority Program to Native Villages (1952).

Fd 29.1-.2:      Alaska Labor (1942-1951): Correspondence, memos, newspaper clippings on labor union activity in Alaska (l951). Proposed form for "Boat Puller's Agreement - Alaska Fisherman's Cooperative Association" (1945). Marketing Agreement, 1942 Salmon Season. Copy of contract for 1942 - Alaska Salmon Industry, Inc. and Cannery Workers Auxiliary Union of the Alaska Salmon Purse Seiner's Union (AFL). Correspondence between Curry and Paul Jr.; 1944 Agreement between Alaska Salmon Industry Inc. and Grand Camp of Alaska Native Brotherhood. Memorandum from Paul Jr. to Curry about "Communist Dominated Unions in Alaska" (1950). Reference materials, Union Newsletters.

Box 2b: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 30: Alaska Law and Order (1950): ANB Resolution No. 69 requesting that a U.S. Deputy Marshal be stationed at Craig.

Fd 31:  Alaska Legislation: H.R. 4110 (Classification of public lands in Alaska), H.R. 3800 (amend civil government in Alaska), S. 1183 (public airports in Alaska), H.R. 3191 (elect Governor of Territory of Alaska by people), H.R. 3100 (repeal Act of August 7, 1939), H.R. 2655 (erect Native Service Hospital at Bethel), and other legislation of interest to clients of Curry plus correspondence, news clippings.

Fd 32: Alaska Native Brotherhood (1945-1948): Petition to Bartlett and Congress regarding H.R. 1140, H.B. Nos. 19 and 20 (Alaska House of Representatives). Curry-Paul Jr., correspondence, news c1ippings regarding Bartlett and actions on statehood bills, Bartlett's speech to ANB Convention (1948). Copy H.R. 7137, Memorandum for file from Curry: Lobbying for Alaska Indians. List of important pending bills and their legislative history - S.J. Res. 162 - Anti-Reservation Bill; H.R. 4725 - Law and Order Bill, H.R. 1113 - Emancipation Bill; Memorandum from NCAI listing issues and candidates for public office who were deemed favorable to Native issues (1946). Correspondence on organization of Territorial Legislature (1945-1947).

Fd 33:  Alaska Packers Association (1951): News release from Secretary of Interior Stating "Regulation of Powered Fishing Boats in Alaska to Stand.

Fd 34:              Alaska Mining (1951): Letter to William Paul, Jr. from Curry.

Fd 35:  Alaska New Industries (1946-1949): Correspondence, news clippings regard development new industries in Alaska.

Fd 36:  Alaska Names (1950): Correspondence listing the names of officers and committeemen of the various camps of the Alaska Native Brotherhood. Also Native membership lists from Alaskan Native communities.

Fd 37:  Alaska Liquor (1951): Correspondence regard hearing on liquor advertising on the radio and television; statements from ANB on the issue, statements from individuals such as Norman Vincent Peale, Stuart Hamblen, Bishop Hammaker and other witnesses at hearings on issue. Correspondence with FCC, WCTU, National Council of Churches on issue.

Fd 38.1-.7:      William Paul, Jr. (1948-1952): Correspondence, Lawyer's Daily  Time Sheets, financial statements, bills - all reflecting the professional relationship between Paul Jr. and Curry. Lawyer's Daily Time Sheets record Paul's contacts, time spent with them and professional services rendered.

Fd 39:  Copies of Constitution of State of Arizona with correspondence between Peratrovich and Curry concerning the constitution as a model for Alaska.

Fd 40:  Alaska Politics (1951): Correspondence, printed materials on elections in Alaska.

Box 3: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 1:    Census Roll: Tentative boundaries of geographical divisions for the following: Yakutat, Haines-Klukwan, Hoonah, Juneau, Douglas, Sitka, Angoon, Kake, Wrangell, Saxman, Ketchikan, Kasaan, Hydaburg, Klawock.

Fd 2:    Alaska Claims (1941-1947): Printed Materials - Alaska Native Sisterhood (Petersburg), Memorandum on Fish Trap Loans and Use of Statistics Relating to Alaska Salmon Fishing (1947); Pleadings Haida, Ute (1943, 1946); Manuscript petition by William Paul, Jr. and others representing Wrangell Federation of Tribes of Tlingit Indian Nation of Alaska (1941) regarding land claims, other pleadings related to the petition, and other correspondence from Curry to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and others.

Fd 3.1-.5:        Alaska Native Claims (1945-1950): Tlingit and Haida Attorneys Contracts 0947-1948), map of 1ands claimed, correspondence regarding THITA land claims. Copies of contract for Curry and others. Pleadings on claims of Natives to Hydaburg, Klawock and Kake on regulations of fishing (n.d.). Correspondence about other contracts negotiated by Curry for THITA; Report to T&H Committee (May 1, 1948), ANB Newsletter, Minutes of Convention of Delegates of T&H Claims Committee (1941).

Fd 4:    Pleadings - land claims (1945, 1947); correspondence on U.S. vs. Miller (1948); legal documents about Miller case, a suit over property in Juneau claimed by Miller et al as Tlingit Indians of Alaska whose suit and ownership claims were based on their historic use of land.

Fd 5.1-.2:        Alaska Native Claims (1949-1951): Correspondence in regard to suit Tlingit and Haida Nations vs. U.S., Pleadings 47900 (1951) by Curry, Paul Jr., Andrew Hope and others. Documents beginning of Weissbrodt association with Curry on Tlingit and Haida matters as it includes Statement of Work Performed by David Cobb and I.S. Weissbrodt (1949). Outline of Evidence for Tlingit-Haida Suit (1949); extensive correspondence about land claims suits.

Fd 6:    Tlingit - Haida Central Council - General (1940-1941): Letter from William Paul (Secretary of THCC) to all 1and suit communities informing them that informal petitions would be filed for each community, but they would need to wait until the war was over to conclude the matter (December 15, 1941). C3 - 6 cont. Minutes - First Annual Tlingit-Haida Meeting, (November 14, 1940); Minutes ANB and ANS 28th Annual Convention, Hydaburg (1941). News clipping "First Alaskan Indian Land Suits Asks 10 Millions" (November 10, 1941); Petition for Admission of Louis Frederick Paul as an attorney at law (1941).

Fd 7:    Alaska Maps (1945-1951): Copies of maps, legislation; copies of the following Territorial House Bills: -House Bill No. 22 - "Establish Alaska National Guard (1947) -Senate Bill No. 39 - "Organization and control of political parties and precinct caucuses, etc." -H.B. # 1 - "Taxation; levying general Net Income Tax" -H.B. # 2 - "Tax on property in Alaska" -H.B. # 3 - "Imposing license taxes upon salmon canneries and other businesses in Alaska's commercial fisheries, etc." -H.B. # 4 - "Amend Alaska's Law relating to fish trap license taxes, etc." -H.B. # 5 - "Fisheries, provide for licensing of fisherman in the Territory of Alaska" -H.B. # 2655 - "Erect an Alaska Native Service Hospital at Bethel" -Alaska Board of Health Report (1945-1950) Filled with correspondence on a variety of topics: health, logging, maps.

Fd 8:    THCC (June 1 - December 31, 1940): More correspondence on law claims suits; Paul's correspondence in his role as Assistant Secretary of THCC - ANB Newsletters.

Fd 9:    Service awarded to Grand Camp ANB & ANS for outstanding contribution to War Effort (1944); Index to Resolution - 27th Annual Convention of ANB & ANS - Klukwan (1940); Resolutions - 29th Annual Convention at Sitka.

Fd 10:  Paul vs. PAF 4880 (1941-1947): Suit by Paul and Tribe of Tlingit Indians vs. Pacific American Fisheries - correspondence and pleadings in the case.

Fd 11:  Petition of William L. Paul, Jr. for fish trap site at Pt. Colpoys under 1942 Fishing Regulations Sec. 201.21b.

Fd 12:  Tee-Hit-Ton vs. PAF (1940-1945): Suit by Paul and tribe v. PAF (1945). Statement by William Paul on case. Autobiographical statement by William Paul.

Fd 13:  THCC - General (January 1 to May 31, 1940).

Box 3a: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 14:  THCC Convention (1941): Photographs Of Delegates to Convention [NOTE: photographs removed to form the Curry-Weissbrodt Photograph Collection], Minutes of Convention of Delegates T & H Claims Committee, Wrangell, (April 9, 1941).

Fd 15:  THCC (1941): Correspondence between Paul Jr. and Attorney Grady Lewis; Report of Credentials Committee, Convention of Delegates Claims Committee (April 9, 1941); Attorneys' Contracts - Paul Jr., Fred Paul and Grady Lewis (1941).

Fd 16:              ANB & ANS - Hoonah, Copies of Resolutions.

Fd 17.-.7:        Paul v. P.A.F. Briefs (1943-1950): Correspondence and pleadings; correspondence discussing establishment of a reservation for the "Tee-Hit-Ton Tlingit Tribe" (1949). -Excerpts from Appellant's Brief in Tee-Hit-Ton v. Olson (1944). –Index and Pleadings to Cases - Paul v. P.A.F. and Tee-Hit-Ton Tribe v. P.A.F. -Paul v. Olsen - three complaints: (1) Alaska Fishery Acts and Fishery Regulations are arbitrary, unreasonable, and capricious abuse respectively by Congress. (2) Area claimed by defendants for U.S. Government belongs to Tlingit. (3) Plaintiff owner of said rights of fishery - bar defendants from enforcing fishery regulations. -Paul v. P.A.F. - P.A.F. constructs fish traps on land and water claimed by Paul and tribe - land in question is owned by Natives.

Fd 18.1-.2:      Correspondence and Pleadings on Fish Trap Law (1948): S. 1446, H.R. 3 59; Report of the Alaska Fisheries Committee to Secretary of the Interior (1946).

Fd 19:  Reports: -Lt. Col. Robert N. Scott on Hydas [Haida] and Tongass (1870). -Schwatka, "Report of a Military Reconnaissance in Alaska, made in 1883." - Frank Mahoney, "Letter on the Indians and their Trade in Eastern Alaska to Special United States Indian Commissioner Hon. Vincent Colyer (1870). - R. K. Louthan, "Report on the Indian Tribes of Alaska" (1869). – Maj. or General Halleck, Report to the Secretary of War, 1869. II - Captain Edward Fast Excerpt from "Bombardment of Wrangell, Alaska" (1870).

Fd 20:  Excerpts of printed material from Andrews, "Some Russian Books on Alaskan History."

Fd 21:              Oberg dissertation, The Social Economy of the Tlingit Indians" (1937).

Fd 22:  One hundred plus photographs of Cannery Housing in Southeast Alaska in the 1940's - 8 x 10, black and white images taken by William L. Paul, Jr. [Note: These photographs were separated from this collection and organized as the Curry-Weissbrodt Photograph Collection.]

Fd 23:  Alaska Native Brotherhood (1936-1939): - Certificate Renewal of Duration of Non-Profit Corporation - Grand Camp ANB (1944). -Brief Unofficial History of the Alaska Native Brotherhood. -ANB Constitutions of Grand and Subordinate Camps (1936) -Resolution #1 - 26th Annual ANB Convention in Sitka (1939) -Resolutions 1938 Convention -Resolutions 1940 Convention

Fd 24:  Briefs -U.S. v. Louis Paul (1943) -T&H v. U.S. - handwritten arguments and citation over question of exercise and limits of National Police Power (n.d.).

Fd 25:  Alaska Native Brotherhood -Minutes of 38th Annual Convention at Craig (1950) -Resolutions ANB Convention (1950)

Fd 26.1-.2:      Alaska Native Brotherhood -Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, November 17, 1940. -Resolutions, Minutes and Reports 1948 ANB & ANS Convention -27th Annual Convention of ANB & ANS, Klawock (1940). -Corrected Minutes of 31st Annual Convention at Kake, ANB & ANS (1944).

Box 4: General Subject FilesAdd to your cart.

Fd 1.1-.2:        Hearings (1946): House of Representatives Special Subcommittee on Alaskan Problems of the Committee on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries - Juneau (August 1946).

Fd 2:    Washington Newsletter: Published by Mary Lee Council, secretary to E. L. Bartlett, Delegate in Congress for Alaska. May 24, 1951 - March 20, 1952 issues.

Fd 3:                Washington Newsletter: Issues from March 9, 1950 to May 17, 1951.

Fd 4:                Washington Newsletter: Issues from May 19, 1949 - February 23, 1950.

Fd 5:    39th Annual Convention of the ANB: Statement of ANB Executive Committee, October 12 and 13, 1951 to HOR on HR 4388 – Alaska Native Claims. Financial and audit reports ANB & ANS 1950-1951; Resolutions ANB & ANS, Ketchikan (1951), Correspondence and statements regarding 1951 ANB & ANS Convention.

Fd 6.1-.4:        Angoon: -Correspondence on destruction of Angoon in 1882 - statement by Billy Jones (Chief of DA-SHI-TON Tribe) 1951. -Correspondence from Curry and Paul Jr. on marine insurance and foreclosure mortgages for boats. -Paul Jr's Lawyer's Daily Time Sheets - January 1, 1950 – June 30, 1950; July 1, 1950 - December 31, 1950. - Correspondence about reservation for Angoon (1951), attorney contracts (1950). - Resolution of the Governing Body of the Angoon Community Association (1950). -Resolution from 38th Annual ANB & ANS Convention regarding Commissioner for Angoon (1950), Retention of Native School in Angoon (1950). - Photo of Curry (1950) [Note: This photograph was separated from this collection and organized as the Curry-Weissbrodt Photograph Collection.] - Memorandum Paul Jr. to Curry regarding Angoon Community Association Cannery (1950). - Supplementary Petition for Possessory Rights Hearings for Creation of Reservation. -Appeal in the Matter of Contract between Curry and Angoon Community Association (1950). -Memo on General Problems of Village of Angoon by Curry (1949) -Claim for Destruction of Angoon in 1917. - Request (1946) by Natives of Angoon to NCAI for its attorneys to help them achieve certain objectives: harbor and breakwater, establish reserve, establish possessory rights and others.

Fd 7.1-.2:        Alaska Fisheries Regulations: -News clippings of Alaska Federalist (1952) -Correspondence by Curry, Paul Jr. and others on Alaska Fisheries Regulations (1951) -Pleadings - Harris & Co. v. H. P. Mullaney, Tax Commissioner, Territory of Alaska (1949).

Fd 8:    1939 Fish Trap License Returns, Territory of Alaska Senate Joint Memorial #8.

Fd 9:    Minutes of Executive Meeting Alaska Native Brotherhood in Sitka, March 1950.

Fd 10:  Alaska Native Brotherhood Minutes (corrected) Annual Convention (ANB & ANS) 1939. - Treasurer's Report and Miscellaneous Papers, ANB Convention 1950

Fd 11:  Alaska Native Brotherhood Resolutions from 37th Annual Convention of ANB & ANS, Craig, Alaska 1949.

Fd 12:              Bartlett Newsletter April 3, 1952 - July 24, 1952.

Fd 13:              Bartlett’s Washington Newsletter - March 13, 1949 - May 5, 1949.

Fd 14:  Annual Report of Department of Taxation 1947 -News clippings (1953) on Klukwan - Correspondence on various Alaskan topics - Sample primary ballot - First Judicial Division (1950).

Box 5: Community Subject Files, Aleksandrovsk to HydaburgAdd to your cart.

Fd 1:    Aleksandrovsk: Correspondence in regard to a reservation for the people of Aleksandrovsk and concern over fisherman taking salmon from Native waters (1950).

Fd 2:    Athabaskans: Memorandum from Curry to Lopinsky about which Alaskan groups are classified as "Athabaskan" and how to provide representation for the "interior Indians" (1949).

Fd 3:    Barrow: Proposals for a reservation for Natives of Barrow, chronological outline of events relating to proposed reservation for the Native Villages of Shungnak and Kobuk; Proclamation establishing a reserve for the Native inhabitants of Barrow; Constitution and By-Laws of the Native Village of Barrow (March 21, 1940), Corporate Charter of Native Village of Barrow (March 21, 1940). (l947-1950).

Fd 4:    Correspondence from Curry to British Columbia Native Brotherhood regard activities of organization; news clippings (1951-1952).

Fd 5:    Correspondence regard petition for possessory rights hearings and reservation and acknowledgement of Secretary of Interior of receipt of petition of Natives of Bucklin (1950).

Fd 6:    Chalkyitsik: Correspondence regarding petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation and its receipt by the Department of Interior. Copy of petition, sketch of boundary lines of village for possessory rights hearing and reservation (1950).

Fd 7:    Chitiac: Documents regarding Alaska Airlines plane crash and efforts of attorney to gain compensation for widower of airline emp1oyee (1948).

Fd 8:    Craig: Attorney contract, list of adult Natives of Craig in 1940; correspondence of Alaska Native Brotherhood; memorandum regarding concerns of Native community; 1947 application for authority to construct and maintain a fish trap under Territorial Fishing License, power of attorney of Common Council of Craig Community Association, Indian Credit funds, Petition for possessory rights hearings and for creation of reservation, 1945-1952.

Fd 9:    Deering: Correspondence regarding Native ownership of the village store, possessory rights and reservation (1950-1951).

Fd 10:  Dillingham: Memorandum, correspondence regard fishing regulations, copy of The Bristol Bay Netter - August 5, 1950"; resolution No. 54 on lack of voting precincts for Native people in Territory of Alaska, possessory rights petitions. Villages in Dillingham area lacking voting precincts are listed: Tyonek, New Stoyhuk, Kolignak, Ekwok, Upper Egooshik, Clark’s Point; correspondence on ANB business.

Fd 11:  Douglas: Petition of the Douglas Federation of Tlingit Tribes for a regulation limiting capture of salmon destined to Taku Inlet Native Fishery location (1943); possessory rights hearings, attorney's contract correspondence, list of Native residents of Douglas; correspondence regard Curry and Paul as attorney and associate attorney for Taku Indian Tribes of Douglas, Minutes ANB and ANS (April 5, 1948), Paul Jr.’s Lawyer Daily Time Sheet July 1, 1950 to December 31, 1950.

Fd 12:  Egegik: Petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation for Egegik and related correspondence (1950).

Fd 13:              Elim: Letter from ANICA Director in Elim to Curry (1951).

Fd 14:  English Bay: Correspondence regard recognition of Native possessory claim and establishment of reservation.

Fd 15.1-.2:      Haines: Correspondence on Haines Harbor construction, mining developments in Haines area, supplementary petition for possessory rights hearings for creation of reservation (1946); resolution by ANB for deputy marshal in Haines (1951). Correspondence regarding completion of Haines Harbor; Supplementary petition for possessory rights hearings for creation of reservation (1949); Haines Camp ANB correspondence; Extensive correspondence regarding organization of Natives in Haines area and Curry as attorney representing National Congress of American Indians, transportation problems in Haines area; attorney contract, Constitution and By-Laws of the Chilkoot Indian Association (1941).

Fd 16:  Holikahuk: Correspondence between Paul and Curry on request from Holikahuk Native Council (1950).

Fd 17:  Hoonah: Correspondence from Paul and Curry on their duties as attorney for Hoonah Indian Association regarding foreclosure preferred maritime mortgages on 8 boats; Lawyers Daily Time Sheets (Paul) January 1, 1950 to December 31,1950; land allotments by Natives, employment of Paul, Curry and associates for representation of HIA, supplementary petition for possessory rights hearings for creation of reservation (1949). Correspondence between Paul and Curry regarding employment contract with HIA (1948); Minutes ANB and ANS Meeting (April 4, 1948), attorneys contract, problems of community, ANB and ANS resolutions, Hoonah Pelican Fishing Cooperative (1947). Memorandums, correspondence regarding land ownership and valuation inside Glacier Bay National Monument, petition for possessory rights, list of adult Natives of Hoonah, Regulations of National Park Service on Firearms, fish trap sites, Executive Order by Calvin Coolidge in 1924 land withdrawal; closing of cannery at Hoonah (1947).

Fd 18.1-.11:    Hydaburg: Newspaper clippings on Hydaburg reservation case (1952); correspondence on Indian attorneys, United States v. Libby (Libby McNeill & Libby, 1951); Option on Renewed Motion for Preliminary Injunction (1951); Paul-Curry correspondence, Hydaburg Trapsites, Paul's Daily Time Sheet Re: Hydaburg Townsite Survey (1951-1952). Pleadings in U.S. v. Libby, McNeill & Libby (1951), Hydaburg Reservation Council correspondence, attorney contract negotiations, draft of statements by John Collier for the New York Time, memorandum on Curry status as town attorney (January 25, 1951). Curry-Paul correspondence regarding the following: airplane float at Hydaburg, Libby, McNeill & Libby lawsuit, taxation, timber sales, fish traps. Hydaburg Town Council Resolution (November 20, 1950); Minutes Hydaburg Cooperative Association Council Meeting (November 20, 1950), city ordinances, lawyer1s daily time sheet (Paul - Hydaburg). Copy of survey of possible shrimp production grounds in the vicinity of the Hydaburg Cooperative Cannery H.C. Scudder, Alaska Native Service. Curry-Paul correspondence, No. 47900 "Plaintiff's Objection; to Defendant's Motion to Strike" - fish trap correspondence, timber sales. 47900 "Amendment of Stipulation", Correspondence Curry-Paul on fish traps, Constitution and By-Laws of the Hydaburg Native Community (June 7, 1950), communication with canneries, attorneys regard fish trap questions, petition of the Natives of Hydaburg to Chapman, Secretary of Interior, requesting issuance of a charter under Section 17 of the Alaska Indian Reorganization Act. Minutes of the Hydaburg Reservation Council (January 6, 1951), Curry-Paul correspondence, with extensive correspondence on the fish trap question. Curry-Paul correspondence regard reservation at Hydaburg, rental by canneries of fish traps, draft of Constitution and By-Laws of the Hydaburg Native Community (January 7, 1970). Correspondence regard shipment of cannery supplies to Hydaburg Cannery (Curry-Paul) and timber sales Hydaburg: Correspondents: Department of Interior (BIA-Juneau), Series of memorandums from Paul to Curry on the following topics: -Recording of George Nix destroyed in 1939 fire -George Nix Indian Homestead Allotment Application Memo: Paul to Curry (May 1950). -Hydaburg Townsite Deeds and Clearance of Title -In re additional resources Hydaburg Reservation -Indian Homestead Allotment Application of Woodrow Morrison -John Lawrence Homestead Application for Allotment -Homestead Allotment Application -Hydaburg Reserve -Definition in Reservation Order on 3000 Foot off-shore area -Charts of Hydaburg Reservation -Town meeting of Hydaburg, April 26, 1950 - Memos Paul to Curry (May 1950), Pleadings 47900, News clippings.

Box 5a: Community Subject Files, Hydaburg to KasaanAdd to your cart.

Fd 18.1-11:     Hydaburg continued: List of eligible voters on proposed reservation in Hydaburg (1950); correspondence on voting procedures, news clippings re election; Curry-Paul correspondence with Natives of Hydaburg on having Hydaburg designated an Indian reservation, correspondence on attorney's contract by Hydaburg Coop Association. ANB correspondence regarding assessment of ten dollars per family to pay Curry for work (1949), Hydaburg Census Report (1949); Proclamation Extending Boundaries of Town Reserve for Native Inhabitants of Native Village of Hydaburg and Vicinity (1948); attorney contract (1947) with Hydaburg Coop; Executive Order (1912) setting aside land for use by Haida Indians.

Fd 19:              Klukwan: Correspondence, Paul Sr. (1952)

Fd 20:              Igloo: Correspondence, Paul Jr. (1950)

Fd 21:  Juneau: Correspondence regarding Juneau Indian Village Survey (1952), attorney contract to represent Juneau Native community, plats of Juneau Indian Village, Petition for possessory rights hearing for creation of reservation, Pleading on Land Ownership 5421-A (1946), By-Laws and Charter of Central Clearance and Investment Co., Juneau (1934, 1936), Company's Voters List.

Fd 22.1-.7:      Kake: Correspondence regard timber development, copy H.R. 4388 and amendments, attorneys contract, Curry-Paul correspondence, Pleadings Kake School District v. P. E. Harris (1951) and correspondence. Pleadings Kake School District v. Harris (1951); Plat – Kake correspondence regard attorney contract, USA v. Kake School District and P. E. Harris Co. (1950) ANB Resolutions (1950). Curry-Paul correspondence on timber sales, Hungerford mine on Kiew Island. Notes on Conference with Old People at Sitka Convention (November 21,1948), attorney contract, Kake Sawmill, individual property rights. Resolution by Council of Indians of Village of Kake to hire Curry and Associates (including William Paul, Jr. and Fred Paul) to represent them (March 1948), Kake School District Taxes. School tax, Pleadings - Organized Village of Kake, Incorporated School District of Kake v. Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture (1948), Kake Water System (1947). Correspondence on Kake breakwater (1947), Kake controversy with the U.S. Forest Service, Petition in the Matter of Incorporation of Kake School District.

Fd 23.1-.2:      Karluk: News clippings, correspondence re Karluk case; Secretary of Interior forbid regulation of commercial fishing near Karluk Indian Reservation (1950); Hynes v. Grimes Pkg Co. (Karluk). Litigation regarding fishing rights of village – correspondence regard resolution by Council of Village. to employ Curry and firm to represent the interest of the Village before the Supreme Court. Memorandum of the Karluk Case.

Fd 24:  Kasaan: Petition for reservation (1948); application to construct and maintain a fish trap, plats, attorney contract, memorandum describing Kasaan by F. Lopinsky (November 12, 1947); contract - Timber Development Organization and Organized Village of Kasaan (1949). Concerns of Kasaan: Fish traps, logging, reorganization, reservation, possessory rights, cannery, protection of possessory rights, draft of Agreement for Confirmation and Extinguishment of Native Land Title between Secretary of Interior and Kasaan (1947).

Box 6: Community Subject Files, Keweeaw Bay to MetlakatlaAdd to your cart.

Fd 1:    Keweenaw Bay: Correspondence between Curry and others protesting S. 17, bill to confiscate land from Piute Indians in Nevada (1949).

Fd 2:    Ketchikan: Contract authorization for Curry (1951); correspondence regarding construction community hall (1950); Supplementary petition for possessory rights hearing and creation of reservation (1949); Request to Curry for help on how to obtain charter for Tlingit-Haida Community Organization (1947); logging concerns. Concerns of Ketchikan Natives in Lopinsky's memo to Curry: Fish traps, timber, reorganization, possessory rights (1948-1952).

Fd 3:    Kivalina: Petition for possessory rights hearing reservation for Kivalina. List of Natives voting for reservation at Kivalina (1950).

Fd 4.1-.5:        Klawock: Pleadings - City of Klawock v. George Demmert et al, defendants (1951); Copy Alaska Mailing List (1951); Paul's lawyer daily time sheet (April 1951); appeal to termination of contract for legal service between Klawock Cooperative Association and James E. Curry (1951). Correspondence about Restricted Deeds in Klawock; Demmert delinquent taxes; attorney contract for Curry, proposed housing development in city. (1948-1952).

Fd 5.1-.3:        Klukwan: Attorney contracts for Paul and Curry with Klukwan; ANB correspondence. Paul daily time sheet (January 1, 1950 to June 30, 1950), Resolution of Chilkat Indian Village regard village membership (1950), Petition for establishment of Indian possessory rights for Indians of Klukwan (1948). Petition for possessory rights - Memo from Lopinsky to Curry on concerns of Klukwan: attorney contract, fish trap, timber, reorganization, reservation (1947).

Fd 6: Kokrines: Correspondence regard possessory rights petition (1950-1952).

Fd 7:    Kotzebue: Correspondence about attorney contract, fishing rights, newspaper clippings, signature of residents of Kotzebue to petition (1949-1952)

Fd 8:    Kwingillingok: Correspondence about petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation (1950).

Fd 9:    Kwinhogak: Correspondence regard petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation (1950).

Fd 10.1-.4:      Metlakatla: Correspondence concerning business of Council of Annette Island Reserve, attorney's contract and work with Council - statement of services performed by attorneys for Metlakatla (June 30, 1948); correspondence regarding airfield at Metlakatla and other concerns of the Natives; Army Aviation Airbase in community (Annette Island Airfield 1946); attorney contract between Curry and Metlakatla Indian Community of Annette Island Reserve (1947); Curry acting as General Counsel for the National Congress of American Indians (1946); correspondence on proposed settlement of the case of the use by the War Department of a certain area on Annette Island Reserve, land used by US War Department for the airfield (temporary agreement for its use dated August 20, 1940). Constitution and By-Laws of the Metlakatla Indian Community, Annette Islands Reserve (n.d.); Metlakatla Cannery Contract (1948).

Box 6a: Community Subject Files, Metlakatla to YakutatAdd to your cart.

Fd 10.5-.8:      Metlakatla: (Continued) Lease between Council of Annette Island Reserve and USA (1948), Listing of Services performed by Attorney (1948); Cannery contract (1948). Resolution by Council on Curry contract, news clipping, Statement of services rendered by attorneys. Correspondence regard road construction on Annette Island (1949), proposed construction of breakwater on Annette Island, Metlakatla Purple Lake Hydroelectric Report and Estimate.

Fd 11:              Newhalen: Correspondence regard organization of ANB in Newhalen (1950).

Fd 12:              Nikolski: Correspondence regard Curry-Paul services and fees (1951).

Fd 13:  Noatak: Correspondence regarding slaughter of caribou and subsistence living by Eskimos in Noatak area (1950-1951).

Fd 14:              Correspondence regard land reservations (1950).

Fd 15:              Nondalton: Correspondence regard petition for reservation (1951).

Fd 16:  Noorvik: Petition of Noorvik Indians for lands (1923), NCAI Bulletin (January 1950), correspondence regard hiring Curry and Paul as attorneys (1950).

Fd 17:              Northway: Correspondence regard petition for possessory rights (1950).

Fd 18:  Petersburg: Petition for establishment of Indian possessory rights (1948), ANB assessment to pay attorneys (1949).

Fd 19:  Perryville: Correspondence regard petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation, also copy of petition (1950) .

Fd 20:  St. Michael: Petition for possessory rights and reservation (1950); draft of house bill to appropriate $15,000 for construction of airport (1950-1951).

Fd 21:  Roden: Correspondence between Curry and Roden, Juneau attorney working for Longshoremen and Warehousemen's Union (1948).

Fd 22:  Savoonra: Petition for possessory rights hearing and reservation for village and correspondence to support the petition.

Fd 23:  Saxman: Draft of timber cutting permit (1949), Resolution to amend corporate charter; list of adult Natives in Saxman. Correspondence concerning taxing powers of Saxman; Petition for possessory rights hearing (1949).

Fd 24:  Shaktoolik: Correspondence regard application for Alaska reservation for Eskimos and draft of House Bill to appropriate $7,500 for construction of airport at Shaktoolik (1950-1951).

Fd 25:  Sheldon Jackson: Miscellaneous correspondence regard the college (1948-1950).

Fd 26:  Correspondence regard representation of the Indians on the reservation issue (1948-1950).

Fd 27.1-.2:      Sitka: Petition for possessory rights hearings for creation of reservation (1949), timber sales, special assessment from ANB membership to pay attorneys fees. News clippings about Sitka pulp project (1948); memo on conference with Old People at Sitka Convention (1948); Petition for establishment of Indian possessory rights (1948), Minutes and resolution of Sitka Community Association (1947).

Fd 28:  Stebbins: Constitution and By-Laws of the Stebbins Community Association, Alaska (1939), Corporate Charter of        Stebbins Community Association (1939).

Fd 29:  Tyonek: Constitution and By-Laws of the Native Village of Tyonek, Alaska (1939), corporate Charter of the Native Village of Tyonek, Alaska and other correspondence on fish traps.

Fd 30:              Tenakee: Minutes Tenakee ANB April 9, 1948.

Fd 31:  Venatie: Correspondence between Curry and Village about joining National Congress of American Indians (1948).

Fd 32:  Wales: Corporate Charter (1939) and Constitution and By-Laws (1939) of the Native Village of Wales and correspondence regard reservation in Alaska (1948).

Fd 33:  Wrangell: Petition for Cape Fox by Tlingit Indian Tribes (1947), Petition by Wrangell Federation of Tlingit Indian Tribes of Alaska for regulation limiting trap interception of salmon destined for Stikine River (1944); list of adult Natives of Wrangell and concerns of Wrangell community: Hunting and fishing rights, claims case, law suit concerning Karluk Reservation, establishment of Pulp and Paper Industry and possessory rights hearings.

Fd 34.1-.4:      Yakutat: Correspondence regard negotiations with Northern Development Co. (1952); protests against issuance of oil leases. Constitution and By-Laws of the Yakutat Native Community (1949), Yakutat 1950 Fishing Regulations, Katalla-Yataga Gas and Oil leases, Pleadings in City of Yakutat v. Libby, McNeill & Libby and Yakutat and Southern Railway (1951), attorney contract. Supplementary petition for possessory rights hearings for creation of reservation (1949), Closing Yakutat Cannery (1949), Yakutat IRA Corporation, Petition for Incorporation of City of Yakutat as a Second Class Municipal Corporation (1948). Constitution and By-Laws of the Yakutat Indian Association, Concerns of the Natives of Yakutat identified by Curry (1947): Railroad operated by Libby, McNeill and Libby, The Yakutat School, Appropriation of Yakutat Land by the War Department, Claims case, Law Suit on Karluk Reservation, Arrangements with Pulp and Paper Industry, Possessory rights hearings.

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