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Sharing Our Knowledge Clan Conference Recordings, 2009

By Zachary R. Jones, Archivist

Collection Overview

Title: Sharing Our Knowledge Clan Conference Recordings, 2009

ID: MC/012

Creator: Tlingit Indians.

Extent: 37.0 Items

Date Acquired: 03/09/2010

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of thirty-seven DVDs that capture the presentations held at the 2009 Clan Conference held at Juneau, Alaska. The set is arranged chronologically by when papers were presented.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Open to the public for viewing. SHI cannot make copies of these DVDs.

Use Restrictions: Intellectual Properties Note: Since SHI adheres to the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials, and since we desire to honor Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian traditional cultural belief that clans retain the intellectual property rights to clan stories or songs, patrons who use or study clan songs or stories are asked to credit clan ownership to stories and songs.

Acquisition Source: North Star Television Company

Acquisition Method: The recordings in this collection were purchased by SHI on March 9, 2010 from North Star Television Company, distributors and producers of the film versions of the conference.

Box and Folder Listing

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Vol. 1. 1st plenary session

Vol. 2. 2nd plenary session

Vol. 3. The reincarnation of stories

Vol. 4. Retelling our stories: using writing as resistance to inaccurate historical perspectives

Vol. 5. Preservation and protection of traditional knowledge

Vol. 6. Northwest Coast art

Vol. 7. Tlingit literature

Vol. 8. Tlingit basketry and beadwork

Vol. 9. Indigenous film: embracing a modern form of storytelling

Vol. 10. Plenary session: we're not sharing our knowledge (with those who matter)

Vol. 11. Healing through Haa Koosteeyi

Vol. 12. Library / Archives

Vol. 13. Name giving and adoptions

Vol. 14. Traditional wisdom and knowledge today

Vol. 15. Recent research sponsored by the Bill Holm Center, Burke Museum

Vol. 16. The Kwäday Dän Ts'inchi discovery: an update

Vol. 17. Tlingit music

Vol. 18. The gaff hook: Native storytellers and their audiences, then and now

Vol. 19. Sharing who we are organizationally

Vol. 20. Plenary session: Friday, March 27th

Vol. 21. Tlingit language alive

Vol. 22. Archaeology and ethnohistory

Vol. 23. Becoming a clan leader

Vol. 24. Learning the Tlingit language: it's elementary

Vol. 25. Alaska Native response to the Alaska statehood movement

Vol. 26. Historical photographs: window on Native history and culture

Vol. 27. Herring synthesis: linking local and traditional knowledge, history, and science to understand ecological changes in the fishery

Vol. 28. Andrew Hope III memorial dinner, Friday, March 27th

Vol. 29. Chilkat weaving appreciation

Vol. 30. Repatriation I

Vol. 31. Education and curriculum development

Vol. 32. Northwest Coast Native glass sculpture

Vol. 33. Health / Nutrition

Vol. 34. Repatriation II

Vol. 35. Tlingit scholars research the Smithsonian collections

Vol. 36. In sisterhood: the history of Camp 2 of the Alaska Native Sisterhood

Vol. 37. Clan conferences, past and future: where do we go from here?