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Emma Widmark Photograph Collection, 1950-1995

By Zachary R. Jones, Archivist

Collection Overview

Title: Emma Widmark Photograph Collection, 1950-1995

ID: PO/038

Creator: Alaska Native Sisterhood

Extent: 1.0 Folders

Date Acquired: 01/05/2009

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of three photographs removed from the Emma Widmark manuscript collection, Mss 14. The first image is a black and white photo which captures a group of Tlingit dressed in traditional regalia at Sitka circa 1950, the second captures a color photo of the Joe McNeil family of Klawock in 1995 (mailed to Widmark by the McNeil family), and the final photo consists of a black and white 7 x 10 inch portrait photograph of Alfred Widmark in a suit and tie with an Alaska Native Brotherhood pin and ribbon on his suit jacket, circa 1950.

Administrative Information

Accruals: Note: Additional papers of Widmark’s, concerning her work for ANS, accompanied this photograph donation, and have been cataloged as Mss 14: The Emma Widmark Papers.

Acquisition Source: Edith Jacobsen

Acquisition Method: The material in the collection was donated to SHI Special Collections Research Center by the heirs of Emma Widmark’s estate, via Edith Jacobsen, on Jan. 5, 2009.

Box and Folder Listing

Item 1: Photo of Tlingit elders and dancers in regalia at the Sitka National Monument, now the Sitka National Historical Park, in front of the Kaawashákee Gooch Gaas’ (Panting Wolf House Post, made by artist Silver Jim Jacobs), circa 1950, photography by Martin R. Strand.Add to your cart.
Identified individuals include: FRONT ROW: L-R: Scotty James (L’ashaa éesh, Néilyéekaawushgeet), T’akdeintaan-Snail House; Katherine [Wanamaker] Benson (Kookáxk’w), Kiks.ádi-Steel House; Nellie [Williams] Aragon (Shakéiwés), Koosk’eidí-Cow House; Susie [Bennett] Paul (Náats’i), Kaagwaantaan-Wolf House; Susie James (Kaaxsgéi), Chookaneidi-Lower Inlet House; Elizabeth [Williams] Basco (Kaatshí), Kaagwaantaan-Eagle Nest House; Julia [Parker] Widmark (Aandaxltín), Deisheetaan-Needlefish House/Beaver House; (Isabella [Sing] Brady? (Yeideekook’aa), Kiks.ádi-Point House); Annie [John] Henry (Koowaa), Kaagwaantaan-Box House. BACK ROW: L-R: Eli Howard (Shakataax’, Kóoxkóonaak), Chookaneidí-Iceberg House; Charlie Benson (Kaalgaas), Kaagwaantaan-Eagle Nest House; David Howard (Ltuteen, Xixch’i Tlein, Aataatseen), Kiks.ádi-Point House; George Hobson (Héexoo), L’eeneidí-Dog Salmon House; Henry Benson (Xaaydiská, Naawooshkeitl), Kiks.ádi-Steel House; Louise [Hinchman] Benson (Shda.áa), Chookaneidi-Iceberg House; Alex Andrews (Kooxích, Shax’sháani éesh, Kusataan), Kaagwaantaan-Eagle Nest House; Andrew Wanamaker (Chalyee éesh, Wooshkeenaa), Kaagwaantaan-Eagle Nest House; Patrick Paul, Sr. (Anaaxoots, K’axook éesh, Haagunk’aax, L.aanteech, Kaalgaas), Kaagwaantaan-Wolf House. Identified by Harold Jacobs on March 10, 2009.
Item 2: Color photo of the Mr. Joe McNeil family of Klawock, Alaska, circa 1995. This photo was mailed to Widmark in 1995. The reverse is labeled as “Angela, Linda, Martha, Harriet, and baby.”Add to your cart.
Item 3: Black and white 7 x 10 inch portrait photograph of Alfred Widmark in a suit and tie with an Alaska Native Brotherhood pin and ribbon on his suit jacket, circa 1950, photographer unknown.Add to your cart.