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Central Council for the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska Records, 1935-1983

By Whitney Schaeler, Intern

Collection Overview

Title: Central Council for the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska Records, 1935-1983

ID: MS/016

Creator: Central Council for the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska

Extent: 8.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 00/00/1982

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection contains a wide range records associated with the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) and the numerous committees, organizations, and Alaska Native villages associated with it spanning from 1935 to 1986, the bulk from 1965 to 1980. This includes meeting minutes, reports, subject files, and correspondence between the Central Council and an assortment of organizations from Southeast Alaska and wider Alaska. The collection also includes articles, governmental papers, and financial statements concerning CCTHITA. Materials have been organized topically.

Boxes 1, 2, 3, & 5 contain primarily the working files of CCTHITA, with Box 4 containing oversized materials, all of which contain correspondence, meeting minutes, and other materials. Box 5 was added to the collection as an addendum after its initial processing. Of special interest are the contents of Box 1, Fd 14, which contains the meeting minutes from delegates of Tlingit and Haida to organize under HR 2756, for a land suit, 1935-1936. Boxes 3 and 5 consist of organizational files kept by CCTHITA, and contains documents relating to CCTHITA’s interactions with various Southeast Alaska organizations, some of which include the Chilkat Indian Association, the Klawock Cooperative Association, the Wrangell Cooperative Association, papers concerning the Organized Village of Saxman, Metlakatla Indian Community, and a host of other entities.

Boxes 6, 7 and 8 contain information pertaining to issues concerning tribal health care systems that the CCTHITA was involved in, as well as information about other causes the organization championed, including subsistence rights, intertribal cooperation, and strong tribal governments recognized by the federal government.

Biographical Note

In 1929, at a convention in Haines the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) passed a resolution to sue the United States government for the creation of the Tongass Nation Forest and the Glacier Bay National Park without the permission of the indigenous people of Southeast Alaska. The suit was filed in the Federal Court of Claims and the ANB was later advised that only federally recognized tribes can sue the United States over aboriginal land claims. The ANB then petitioned the United States Congress to recognize the aboriginal people of Southeast Alaska as a tribe and on June 19, 1935, an act of Congress was passed to recognize the Tlingit and Haida people as a single tribe.

Note: In 1934, the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) was passed to set a standard for the federal government to recognize tribes in the Lower 48. The Alaska Native Brotherhood petitioned Congress to amend the IRA to apply to Alaska, and in 1936 the revision was made.

In 1975, the Indian Self-determination Act (PL 93-638) was passed requiring federal agencies, primarily the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), to contract with federally recognized tribes to manage programs that are intended to benefit Native Americans. In Alaska, the BIA adopted an “Order of Precedence” for recognizing tribes for the purpose of contracting:

Indian Reorganization Act tribes;

Traditional tribes;

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act village corporations; and

Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act regional corporations.

In 1993, the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior amended the list of federally recognized tribes that are posted in the Federal Register to include all tribes in Alaska. The Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska was left off of the list and petitioned Congress to restore the tribe to the list. In 1994, the President of the United States signed into law an Act that not only restored Tlingit and Haida to the list but also required that the Department of the Interior must consult with Congress before removing any recognized tribe from the list published in the Federal Register.

Sources: Central Council website, accessed January 3, 2014: http://www.ccthita.org/

Administrative Information

Acquisition Source: Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska

Acquisition Method: The material in the collection was donated to SHI in 1982 by the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska. Accession number 1982.001.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: CCTHITA correspondence, reports, and a prominent amount of minutes and financial statements, 1935-1983.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Administrative reading file, correspondence, 1974.

            Fd 2:    Administrative reading file, correspondence, 1975.

            Fd 3:    Correspondence between the Tribal Operations Program and the Policy Planning Section, 1981-1982.

            Fd 4:    Correspondence between the Tribal Operations Program and the Policy Planning Section. Tribal enrollment documents. 1981.

            Fd 5:    Management Intern specifications and correspondence, 1981-1982. Youth Employment Program Contract. 1981.

            Fd 6:    Management Intern correspondence and documents, 1980-1982.

            Fd 7:    “Tlingit and Haida Fisheries Program Studies and Proposal,” March 31, 1973.

            Fd 8:    Tlingit and Haida Fisheries Development Corporation correspondence and documents, 1982-1984. “Proposal for a Traditional Fisher on the Chilkoot  River,” July-September, 1982. Promissory note, September 30, 1981.

            Fd 9:    Johnson O’Malley Program correspondence, 30 September 1974. Summary of Proposal for Johnson-O’Malley Funds, 1974. Monthly Reports for January- May 1975 and September –December 1974.

Fd 10:  Johnson O’Malley Review Committee, February 4-5, 1975. Includes agenda, previous meeting notes, quarterly report, program reports, fiscal information, problems, background, and miscellaneous materials.

Fd 11:  “Directory of Services Available to the Elderly of Southeast Alaska & 1981-82 Calendar History of Southeast.”

Fd 12:  “Southeast Alaska Urban Native Needs Assessment Survey,” April, 1977.

Fd 13:  “Southeast Community Capital Improvements Plan Phase 1,” June 1983.

Fd 14:  Meeting minutes from delegates of Tlingit and Haida to organize under HR 2756, for a land suit, 1935-1936. Two copies.

Fd 15:  Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Tlingit and Haida Indians- Juneau, Alaska. November 4-6, 1964.

Fd 16: Minutes of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indians. April 13-16, 1966.

Fd 17:  Special Convention Minutes, October 6, 1972. Resolution summary-convention actions taken, October 6-7, 1972. Speech by Clarence Jackson, October 7, 1972. Correspondence, 1973. Minutes of Constitution Committee, November 3, 1972. Constitution Committee Meeting, November 5, 1972. “Suggested Changes Recommended by the Constitution Committee,” November 3, 5, 1972 & January 29, 30, 1973. Constitution Committee Meeting, January 29, 1973. Constitution Committee Meeting, January 30, 1973. “Suggested Changes Recommended by the Constitution Committee,” January, 29, 30, 1973. “Purposed Constitution of the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska,” 1973.

Fd 18:  Special Convention Tentative Agenda, October, 6-7, 1972. Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, April 19-22, 1972.

Fd 19:  Minutes of the Seventh Annual Convention, April 19-22, 1972. (Second copy).

Fd 20:  Minutes of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting, October 6-8, 1980.

Fd 21:  Minutes of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting, October 1-3, 1981. (2 copies)

Fd 22:  Minutes of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting, October 7-9, 1982 (2 copies); and Minutes from the 20th General Assembly, 1984.

Fd 23:  Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: May 25-26, 1982. August 6, 1982. October 9, 1982 (2 copies). October 20, 1982 (2 copies). November  6, 1982 (2 copies).  December 13-14, 1982. January 22-23, 1983 (2 copies).

Fd 24:  Tlingit and Haida Tribal News 1978 & 1979. [incomplete]

Fd 25:  Tlingit and Haida Tribal News 1980: February, May, July (2 copies),  August, September, October (2 copies), November (2 copies), December  January.

Fd 26:  Tlingit and Haida Tribal News 1981-82: December-January, February (2copies), March, April (2 copies), May (2 copies), June, October (3 copies), 1981; August 1982.

Fd 27:  Ernst & Whinney Financial Records: September 25, 1981. September 30, 1981. September 30, 1982 & 1981. December 18, 1981. January 21, 1983.

Fd 28:  Ernst and Whinney Financial Records: August 1, 1978- December 31, 1979. October 1, 1978- September 30, 1980. July 1, 1979- June 30, 1980. March 25, 1980. September 30, 1980.

Fd 29:  Ernst and Ernst Financial Records: June 30, 1973. June 30, 1974. June 30, 1975 and 1974 (audited). June 30, 1975 and 1974 (unaudited). June 30, 1976. September 30, 1977. September 30, 1978 (2 copies).

Fd 30:  Ernst and Ernst Supplemental Computation of Overhead Rates, August 1977.

Box 2: Legal papers: constitutions and bylaws, various acts; Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA) correspondence, papers, and documents, 1935-1983.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Canadian Tlingit and Haida correspondence, 1979.

            Fd 2:    Canadian Tlingit and Haida correspondence, 1976-1980.

            Fd 3:    William Paul correspondence, 1970.

            Fd 4:    William and Frederick Paul correspondence, 1971-1978.

            Fd 5:    “A Report on the Historic Records of the CCTHITA: Administrative and Claims Attorneys Records.” November, 1979.

            Fd 6:    Papers and documents pertaining to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. 1975-1979.

            Fd 7:    Jurisdictional Act, 1935. Correspondence, 1976.

            Fd 8:    Auke Tribe Incorporation certificate, January 3, 1969. Articles of Incorporation, March 10, 1965.

Fd 9:    Chilkat Indian Village Constitution and By-laws, March 27, 1941. Chilkat Indian Village Corporate Charter, March 27, 1941. Village of Kake  Constitution and By-laws, November 17, 1947. Village of Saxman Corporate Charter, January 14, 1941. Village of Saxman Constitution and By-laws, January 14, 1941.

            Fd 10:  Tlingit and Haida membership roll application. Voter registration form.

            Fd 11:  Alaska Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood Constitution, 1969.

            Fd 12:  Brief timeline of events pertaining to Tlingit and Haida, 1922-1978.  “Alaska Native Self-Government,” May 1982. “AWindfall That Hasn’t Made it Yet,” January 11, 1982; article about the Alaska Native Claims                                  Settlement Act of 1971.

            Fd 13:  “Traditional Clan System for Adoption in Tlingit Society,” 1978. Paper with clan names, community houses, and crests. “Modern Tribes.”

            Fd 14:  “Tlingit and Haida, Inc.: Success Story,” by Philip Drucker, 1976.

            Fd 15:  “Southeast Alaska Native Foods,” by Mark Jacobs, Jr.

Fd 16:  “The History of Aukquwon [Auk Kwaan],” by Philip Joseph, 1967 (2 copies), and “The Sea Otter Hunters,” story retold by Phillip Joseph.

Fd 17:  Memorandum to Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs from the Associate Solicitor of Indian Affairs, 1978. The Six-Point Plan for Social and      Economic Development (3 copies).

Fd 18:  Letter from Robert L. Bennett to Reverend Walter Soboleff about materials sent, March 15, 1963. Minutes for the Planning Committee Meeting, February 25, 1963.

Fd 19:  Correspondence, 1976-1980. Government Acts, 1974 and 1975. Papers on enrollment, the dilemma of Indian preference, and tribal government. Hearing on the “Transfer of Indian Lands to Heirs or Lineal Descendants,”    February 28, 1980. Federal Register, September 4, 1975.

Fd 20:  Southeast Alaska Agency Report, April 19, 1971. Southeast Alaska Native Land Claims Enrollment, April 3, 1972. By Joseph G. Wilson. Newspaper clippings from the Petersburg Press: “Borbridge Re-elected T-H President”, “Denny Questions Dismissal”, and “Amy Honored at T-H Convention.” April 27, 1972.

Fd 21:  The Alaska Native Foundation Annual Budget Report, March 1975. (2 copies).

            Fd 22:  The Alaska Native Foundation correspondence, 1977.

Fd 23:  Meeting minutes of the Tlingit and Haida, December 14, 1935. Correspondence, 1972, 1976.

Fd 24:  Sealaska Corporation booklet about the history, people, and events. Reports 1972-1973. Newsletter to the future stockholders of the Sealaska Corporation.

Fd 25:  Message of Albert Frank, Sr. to the Central Council on March 31, 1979, at Sitka, Alaska, about the Alaska Native Brotherhood.

            Fd 26:  CCTHITA brief history book and photo album.

            Fd 27:  CCTHITA constitution booklet, adopted April 17, 1973.

            Fd 28:  CCTHITA Evaluation Review Committee Reports, 1972-1974. (2 copies)

            Fd 29:  CCTHITA correspondence and notes, 1979.

            Fd 30:  General Correspondence, 1982.

            Fd 31:  General Correspondence, 1982.

Fd 32:  Indian Tribal Governmental Tax Status Act, 1976. Correspondence about Tribe federal income tax status, 1976-1977.

            Fd 33:  CCTHITA Annual Report, September 30, 1983.

Fd 34:  Hearing before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs: “Recognition of Certain Indian Tribes” April 18, 1978. “Hawaiian Native Educational Assistance Act” May 16, 1978.

Fd 35:  Correspondence, testimony, and documents pertaining to the Indian Judgment Funds Distribution Act, 1973-1974.

Fd 36:  The Tee-hit-ton Indians vs. United States Supreme Court case, 1951-1954.

Fd 37:  CCTHITA contract with Dr. Philip Drucker, 1972. Dr. Drucker was hired to aid in the suit against the United States in reference to the bombardment of Angoon.

Fd 38:  Transcript record of hearing concerning disposition of judgment funds awarded Angoon by Indian Claims Commission, September 27, 1974. Correspondence related to the judgment, 1974.

Fd 39:  Angoon Bombardment Funds correspondence, 1976.

Fd 40:  Procedure, instructions, and amendments for the I.R.A. (Indian Reorganization Act), 1934-1936.

Fd 41:  Testimony of Raymond Paddock on behalf of the CCTHITA in support of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. May 31, 1974. Testimony of Joseph G. Wilson, May 31, 1974.

Fd 42:  Townsite Lands, 1978. Paper about the Alaska Native Townsite Act. A Bill: An Act establishing fish and game regional councils.

Fd 43:  Tlingit and Haida Housing Development Corporation- Article of incorporation and by-laws, 1972-1973

Fd 44:  THRHA (Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority) director’s correspondence, 1973-1977.

Fd 45:  THRHA director’s correspondence, 1976-1978.

Fd 46:  THRHA miscellaneous correspondence, 1976-1979.

Fd 47:  THRHA minutes, correspondence, and reports, 1973-1978.

Fd 48:  THRHA- Housing Development Corporation meeting minutes and correspondence, 1977-1979.

Fd 49:  THRHA audit, 1980.

Fd 50:  “History of the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority,” April 20, 1983.

Box 3: Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A) Councils and Associations of various tribes, their constitutions, correspondence, and papers, 1938-1983.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Klawock Cooperative Association: correspondence, constitution and bylaws, amendments, and minutes, 1971-1981.

            Fd 2:    Klawock I.R.A. correspondence and documents, 1976-1977.

            Fd 3:    Klawock correspondence, 1977-1978, 1980-1981. Constitution and bylaws, October 4, 1938. Meeting minutes, December 4, 1980.

            Fd 4:    Klawock: correspondence1966-1975, and Overall Economic Development Plan, 1975.

            Fd 5:    Chilkat Indian Association: constitution and bylaws. Correspondence on Klukwan school status, March 13, 1981; correspondence on Klukwan I.R.A. membership, May 1979.

            Fd 6:    Johnson vs. Chilkat Indian Village, 1978. Case concerning decision over Chilkat artifacts; the case was dismissed.

            Fd 7:    Petersburg I.R.A. Correspondence 1975-1981; resolution delegating Petersburg Indian Association authority to the Central Council March 20, 1978; grant application submitted September 29, 1976; meeting minutes                                    January 11, 1977.

            Fd 8:    Petersburg Indian Association constitution and bylaws March 22, 1948. Constitution of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, 1979.

            Fd 9:    Organized Village of Saxman correspondence, 1958-1981.

            Fd 10:  Organized Village of Saxman correspondence, 1977-1981.

            Fd 11:  Sitka general correspondence, 1966-1980.

            Fd 12:  Sitka elections, May 27 and 30, 1969.

            Fd 13:  Sitka I.R.A. correspondence 1976-1979. “Taking of Sitka Indian Village Lands into Trust for Sitka Indian Community Housing Authority,” (2 copies).

            Fd 14:  Sitka Community Association, 1977-1978. Correspondence 1977-1978, grant application March 9, 1977; resolution July 17, 1979;

            Fd 15:  Wrangell Cooperation Association minutes, 1978-1982.

            Fd 16:  Wrangell Cooperation Association: Wrangell Rehabilitation Project March 1980; Housing Renovation Pre-application Submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, November 15, 1979; correspondence                          1979-1980.

            Fd 17:  Wrangell general correspondence, 1949-1981.

            Fd 18:  Wrangell I.R.A. correspondence 1976-1980.

            Fd 19:  Wrangell Cooperative Association 1977-1980.

            Fd 20:  Yak-Tat-Kwaan Village Corporation correspondence, meeting minutes, and documents, 1977-1981.

            Fd 21:  Yak-Tat-Kwaan I.R.A. correspondence, 1948-1958

            Fd 22:  Pelican I.R.A. correspondence and documents, 1977-1981

            Fd 23:  Sealaska Corporation correspondence and documents, 1977-1981.

            Fd 24:  Douglas I.R.A. correspondence 1935-1978; Composite Indian Reorganization Act for Alaska, 1936; Village Organization Under the Indian Reorganization Act, August 8, 1949.

            Fd 25:  Juneau I.R.A. correspondence and documents 1976-1981.

            Fd 26:  Juneau Indian Village correspondence and documents 1974-1977.

            Fd 27:  Tenakee Springs Bathhouse Jurisdiction correspondence, 1926-1981.

            Fd 28:  Tenakee Springs general correspondence, 1976.

            Fd 29:  Metlakatla Indian Community: Plan for the Development and Management of Natural Resources, August 1, 1973; Census, May 1976; correspondence, 1963-1983.

Fd 30:  Metlakatla I.R.A. Application for Self-Determination Grant, August 9, 1976; application for Contracting of Natural Resources Program under Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, August 9, 1976; Social Service Contract Application, August 16, 1976. Paper listing officials and committees for 1972. Correspondence, 1976-1977.

Fd 31:  The Federation of Southeast Alaska IRA Councils meeting minutes: April  10, 1981 in Sitka, AK; March 21-22, 1980 in Sitka; March 15-17, 1979 in Wrangell, AK. Correspondence 1979. Constitution of the Ketchikan Indian Corporation, January 15, 1979. Bylaws of the Ketchikan Indian Corporation, January 15, 1979. Articles of Incorporation of Federation of Southeast Alaska I.R.A Councils, March 17, 1979.

            Fd 32:  “Services to the California, Washington and Anchorage Communities by the Central Council, “July 16, 1981. Constitution of the Oakland, California Community of Tlingit and Haida Indians. Correspondence, 1980-1982.

Fd 33:  Paper listing 1981 population figures for various Southeast communities. Paper listing statistics from 1980 for various Southeast communities. 1981 Resolution of the Tribal Governing Body of the: Native Village of Kasaan, Chilkat Indian Association, Hoonah Indian Association, Organized Village of Kake, Klawock Cooperative Association. Petersburg Indian Association, Organized Village of Saxman, Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc., Wrangell Cooperative Association. Chilkat Indian Village, IRA of Hydaburg, and Skagway Traditional Village Council. Correspondence, 1981.

            Fd 34:  “Rules for the Election of Delegates to the Official Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska,” booklet, 1981.

Box 4: Correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets of CCTHITA, THRHA, and Man Power Division; papers about Indian Judgment Funds Act, 1935-1981.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Amendment to the Act of June 19, 1935, and related documents, 1965. Correspondence and documents pertaining to the Indian Judgment Funds Act, 1973 [other documents about the Indian Judgment Fund Act can be  found in box 2, folder 35].

            Fd 2:    Angoon Tribal House Renovation Project, 1976 [other documents on Angoon can be found in box 2, folders 37-39].

Fd 3:    THRHA correspondence and budgets, 1979-1981. “Consolidated Review of Management Operations,” 1977-1978 [other THRHA documents can be found in box 2, folders 44-50].

            Fd 4:    THRHA notes, correspondence, and loan agreement, 1978. Board of Commissioners Meeting minutes, August 29, 1978.

            Fd 5:    Correspondence, minutes, balance sheet, financial reports and budgets, and documents related to THRHA, 1980-1981.

            Fd 6:    CCTHITA correspondence, financial documents, Man Power reports, and Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) documents, 1975-1978.

            Fd 7:    CETA and Man Power Division correspondence, audit report, financial papers, and reports, 1975-1978.

            Fd 8:    CCTHITA Reorganization Plan and accompanying documents; reports, correspondence, charts, and proposals, 1978-1980.

            Fd 9:    Chilkoot Indian Association I.R.A. Council notes, 1981. Budget Report Worksheets, 1979-1980. Reports, 1979. Reorganization Project, 1979.  Proposal to Serve as Independent Accountants, 1980. Ernst and Whinney correspondence, 1980 [other Ernst and Whinney records can be found in  box 1, folder 27-28].

            Fd 10:  Central Council and Programs Status Report, 1978. Finance Committee Minutes, 1978. Ernst and Ernst correspondence, 1979, and Audited Financial Statements, 1978. [other Ernst and Ernst records can be found in box 1, folders 27-30]

            Fd 11:  Resolution of the Executive Committee of the CCTHITA, 1977-1979.

            Fd 12:  CCTHITA Finance Committee meeting minutes and reports, 1978.

            Fd 13:  Tlingit and Haida Credit Union correspondence and documents, 1980.

Box 5: Addendum Papers; correspondence and files, 1959-1980s.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Angoon; general correspondence and papers, 1965-1981.

            Fd 2:    Angoon IRA file, correspondence and papers, 1976-77.

Fd 3:    Angoon bombardment file, correspondence, resolutions, meeting minutes, and papers, 1970s.

Fd 4:    Angoon bombardment file; documents, reports, legal papers, correspondence, 1970s.

Fd 5:    Angoon bombardment file; documents, reports, legal papers, correspondence, 1970s, continued.

Fd 6:    Craig general correspondence file, 1979-1981.

Fd 7:    Craig elections file, correspondence, meeting minutes, documents, 1959-1980s.

Fd 8:    Craig Community Association file, correspondence and documents, 1979-1981.

Fd 9:    Chilkoot Indian Village general correspondence file, also includes meeting minutes, 1965-1981.

Fd 10:  Haines IRA file; correspondence, meeting minutes, documents, 1970s-1980s.

Fd 11:  Hoonah Indian Association general correspondence file, 1960s-1980s.

Fd 12:  Hoonah Indian Association correspondence file continued, 1970s-1980s.

Fd 13:  Hoonah Indian Association IRA file, 1970s.

Fd 14:  Hoonah Indian Association elections and condemnation files, 1960s-1970s.

Fd 15:  Hydaburg general correspondence file, 1965-1979.

Fd 16:  Organized Village of Kake general file, 1965-1979.

Fd 17:  Organized Village of Kake general file, 1970s-1980s.

Fd 18:  Organized Village of Kasaan general file, 1970s.

Fd 19:  Ketchikan Indian Association general file, 1970s-1980s.

Box 6: Documents Concerning the Tlingit Haida Central Council and Health Care Issues, Tribal Recognition, Miscellaneous Files, 1987-1995Add to your cart.

Fd 1:  Constitution of the Tlingit and Haida Indians, November 1992     

(Revised 1993), correspondence regarding recognition of Tlingit and  Haida        tribes by the federal government, 1994.

Fd 2:    Information concerning the Goldbelt Corporation, correspondence re the            Tlingit Haida Central Council, Status report on Alaska Native Corporations, Tlingit-Haida Status Clarification Act, 1994.

Fd 3:  Bureau of Indian Affairs, Budget Development and Formulation             

Handbook, undated.

Fd 4:    Handbook concerning Alaska Area Health Facilities Master Plan FY 1987- HFY 1995.

Fd 5:    Handbook concerning “Shaping Our Own Future” workshop organized by the Lummi, Klallam, Hopi and Quinault tribes, 1991.

Fd 6:    Handbook concerning “Tribal Self Governance Compacting for Health” programs. Prepared for the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation by Hobbs, Straus, Dean and Walker, May 1994.

Fd 7:    Handbook concerning “CCTHITA, 1995 Organization Profile Update.” April 1995.

Fd 8:    Minutes of 1995 General Assembly of Central Council of Tlingit/Haida Indians of Alaska, April 20-23, 1994, in Juneau AK.

Fd 9:    Information concerning “Chapter 2, BIA Regulatory Reform.” October 15-17,1991, Anchorage,  Alaska.

Fd 10: Report of the Joint Tribal/BIA/DOI Advisory Task Force on                Reorganization of the BIA. August 1994.

Fd 11:  Handbook concerning the participants in the National American Indian    Listening Conference. May 5-6, 1994.

Fd 12: Bylaws of the Rural Alaska Community Action Program.

Box 7: Tribal Self-Governance, General Assembly Minutes, Miscellaneous Files, 1993-1994Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Handbook containing the “Supplemental Materials on the Alaska Tribal Health Compact.” May 1994.

Fd 2:    Correspondence concerning Indian Self-Determination Act, December 1994. Includes a copy of the law as passed by the U.S. Congress in November 1994.

Fd 3:    Correspondence concerning the recognition of Tlingit and Haida Central Council as a federally recognized organization. April 1994.

Fd 4:    Minutes of the 58th General Assembly of the Tlingit and Haida Central Council, April 15-17, 1993, in Sitka.

Fd 5:    Draft Testimony for Senate Committee on Indian Affairs-concerning rural Alaska Sanitation Initiative, March 15, 1994. Also includes final draft of operations manual of Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Council, 1994.

Fd 6:    Rough draft of letter to be sent to President Bill Clinton for Tribal Summit meeting in Washington, D.C., November 30. 1993.

Fd 7:    Report of Health Task Force of the Alaska Natives Commission, November 1993.

Fd 8:    Drafts of unpublished essay, Native Americans, “Glacier Bay National Monument and the Artifice of Wilderness Preservation,” by Pat Mills. September, 1993.

Fd 9:    Resolution authorizing Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium to enter into self governance compact and annual funding agreement on behalf of Goldbelt, inc. 1994.

Fd 10: “Alaska Tribal Health Compact Between Certain Alaska Native Tribes    and the United States of America,” October 1, 1994.

Fd 11:  Various correspondence from Tlingit Haida Central Council regarding    appointment of new Director of the Office of Tribal Self-Governance, includes vacancy announcement and sheet on each job candidate describing their backgrounds, August-September 1994.

Fd 12:  Program for Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. workshop, “Alaska Native Traditional Knowledge and Ways of Knowing, court case    against George Jim (having to do with subsistence laws), documents concerning the Tlingit Haida Central Council’s involvement in the case, 1994, bylaws of the Southeast Native Subsistence Commission.

Fd 13: Documents concerning the Alaska Tribal Health Consortium Compact-Self Governance Project.

Fd 14: Court document concerning Gregory Brown, has to do with subsistence issues, 1992.

Fd 15:  Documents concerning American Indian Trade and Development Council, including newsletters, update on tribal health care issues, information about Native issues before Congress, 1993-1994.

Box 8: Fall 1994 Self Governance Meeting, Materials Relating to a Meeting of the Southeast Native Subsistence Commission and Tribal Listening Conference, 1994.Add to your cart.

Fd 1:    Grant application process-Administration for Native Americans, along with a diagram of a country club, (Concerning a restoration that the grant project would have possibly funded), correspondence with the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the grant.

Fd 2:    Draft of minutes of the Southeast Native Subsistence Commission, December 1993, Juneau, AK.

Fd 3:    Material from Fall Self-Governance Meeting Materials, 1994, includes meeting minutes.

Fd 4:    Fall Self-Governance Meeting Materials, includes discussion paper and correspondence concerning issues to be covered at the meeting, 1994.

Fd. 5:  Fall Self-Governance Meeting Materials, includes correspondence concerning meeting, and agendas. Includes “Concept Paper,” relating to possible creation of a satellite bureau of the Department of the Interior, 1994.

Fd 6:    Committee on Committee Guidelines, Fisheries Committee Guidelines, information on crime on Native land, Position Statement of Pueblo of Sandia, Campo Band of Mission Indians, all to be presented at Listening Conference, May 1994.

Fd 7:    Documents from Federal Tribal Listening Conference, including memorandum from President Bill Clinton concerning debate over distribution of eagle feathers for Native American religious purposes, 1994.

Fd 8:    Documents concerning Native American Indian listening Conference, May 1994.

Fd 9:    Native American Rights Fund information, including information on lawsuits Natives are filing against the government, information on subsistence, and information concerning pending legislation in congress that will effect Native Americans.

Fd 10:  Continuation of information concerning Native American Rights, fund, contains “Tribal Rights Update” letter, information from Alaska Federation of Natives regarding various issues, especially regarding subsistence.

Fd 11:  Information concerning NW Indian tribes self-governance, also includes informational pamphlets from shows radio shows on KTOO in Juneau, AK concerning cross cultural communication, story of Robert Willard.

Fd 12: Information concerning full SENSC Full Board Meeting, December 16, 1994, including a congratulatory letter from the SENSC congratulating Tony Knowles on his election as governor, meeting minutes, and financial reports.