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Dauenhauer Photograph Collection


Scope and Contents

Biographical Note

Administrative Information

Detailed Description

Photographs taken during Celebration 1982, most by Larry McNeil.

Photographs taken during 1982, most by Larry McNeil.

Photographs taken at Celebration 1982 [?] - 1986. Black and white photography, and color photography.

Photographs taken at Celebration 1986.

Photographs taken at Celebrations 1984, 1986, 1994, and more.

Photographs collected for research purposes.

Photographs collected.

Photographs collected.

Photographs collected.

Photographs collected.

Photograph negatives.

Photographs collected for research.

Addendum photographs, collected for research.

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Dauenhauer Photograph Collection, 1886-1995 | Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives

By Rick Huteson, Archival Assistant

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Collection Overview

Title: Dauenhauer Photograph Collection, 1886-1995Add to your cart.

ID: PO/004

Primary Creator: Dauenhauer, Nora Marks (1927-)

Other Creators: Dauenhauer, Richard L. (1942-2014)

Extent: 13.0 Boxes

Subjects: Tlingit Indians--History.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection contains photographs taken and collected by Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) staff between the period of 1980 and 1994 primarily for and during the Dauenhauers’ employment with SHI. These photographs contain images of the annual Celebration festivals, photos of various Native gatherings, and a host of historic reproduction photographs. Many of the photographs in this collection were gathered and used for publication in the Dauenhauer’s books, most co-published by SHI.

This collection contains a many photos gathered by the Dauenhauers for their research, and some of these include reproduced images wherein the originals are held by the Alaska State Library, Historical Collections Division and other research institutions. Any reproduction images in this collection (where SHI does not own the original) are subject to copyright law and SHI cannot reproduce these images without the consent of the original research institution. Please consult the archivist for further details. Some of the Celebration photographs may have been taken by photographer Larry McNeil.

The materials in this collection have largely been organized topically and chronologically. The final box, Box 13, contains an addendum of photos found after the collection was first processed.

Biographical Note

Nora Marks Dauenhauer (b. 1927) is an American poet, short-story writer, and a scholar of the language and traditions of the Tlingit Indians of Southeast Alaska. Nora Marks herself is Tlingit, and was born May 8, 1927, the first of sixteen children of Emma Marks (1913-2006) of Yakutat, Alaska, and Willie Marks (1902-1981), a Tlingit from near Juneau, Alaska. Nora's Tlingit name at birth was Keixwnéi, and following her mother in the Tlingit matrilineal system, she is a member of the Raven moiety, L’ukaax.ádi clan, and of the Shaka Hít or Canoe Prow House, from Alsek River. Emma's maternal grandfather had been Frank Italio (1870-1956), an informant to the anthropologist Frederica de Laguna whose knowledge was incorporated into De Laguna's 1972 ethnography of the northern Tlingit, Under Mount St. Elias. In circa 1972 Nora was selected and endorsed by Tlingit elders to document the Tlingit culture, and since that time Nora collected recordings and interviewed Tlingit elders. Nora earned a degree in anthropology and, with her husband Richard Dauenhauer, a poet and translator, she has authored numerous articles and also co-edited the Sealaska Heritage Institute's highly regarded four volume Classics of Tlingit Oral Literature series, titles which includes, Haa Shuká, Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Narratives (1987), Haa Tuwanáagu Yís, for Healing Our Spirit: Tlingit Oratory (1992), Haa Kusteeyí, Our Culture: Tlingit Life Stories. (1994), and Anóoshi Lingít Aaní Ká: Russians in Tlingit America, The Battles of Sitka 1802 and 1804 (2009).

Subject/Index Terms

Tlingit Indians--History.

Administrative Information

Repository: Sealaska Heritage Institute Archives

Use Restrictions: Select images in this collection, such as reproduced photographs, cannot be reproduced by SHI without the consent of the library which owns the original photo. Most of the reproduction images in the collection are contained in Box 12, and are reproductions from original photos held by the Alaska State Library. Some items in Box 1-2 were taken by photographer Larry McNeil, who should be credited. Please consult the curator for further details.

Acquisition Source: Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer

Acquisition Method: These photographs were transferred to SHI archives from the offices of Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer shortly after they left SHI during the 1990s.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Box 1: Photographs taken during Celebration 1982, most by Larry McNeil.],
[Box 2: Photographs taken during 1982, most by Larry McNeil.],
[Box 3: Photographs taken at Celebration 1982 [?] - 1986. Black and white photography, and color photography.],
[Box 4: Photographs taken at Celebration 1986.],
[Box 5: Photographs taken at Celebrations 1984, 1986, 1994, and more.],
[Box 6: Photographs collected for research purposes.],
[Box 7: Photographs collected.],
[Box 8: Photographs collected.],
[Box 9: Photographs collected.],
[Box 10: Photographs collected.],
[Box 11: Photograph negatives.],
[Box 12: Photographs collected for research. ],
[Box 13: Addendum photographs, collected for research.],

Box 7: Photographs collected.Add to your cart.

7:1:  Walter Soboleff, from ANB negative, dressed in suit and tie, undated.

7:2:  Black and white photograph of Nora Marks Dauenhauer smiling, circa 1970s.

7:3:  Snapshot of Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer standing together outdoors during winter, both wearing stocking caps/winter hats, undated.

7:4:  Willie and Emma Marks, Juneau, May 1976, 50th anniversary

7:5:  Will Marks

7:6:  Emma Marks and Jennie Thlunaut, April 1974

7:7:  Emma Marks, May 1976

7:8:  Emma Marks, March 1988 at opening of her show at Jnost. Mus

7:9:  Susie James, Robert Zubolf, and Nora Marks, Dauenhauer, Sitka, August 1973.  Photo taken by R. Dauenhauer

7:10:  George Jim, 1940s, Courtesy of George Jim

7:11:  George and Eva Davis May 1976. Photo taken by Richard Dauenhauer

7:12:  Jimmie George, Lydia George, Charlie Joseph, Angoon, October 1989, Photo by Peter Metcalfe, Courtesy of Kootznoowoo Inc

7:13:  M. Bryan Thompson (photo copied version)

7:14:  Jimmie George, late 80s.  Photo by Peter Metcalfe

7:15:  Austin and Lillian Hammond, 1947, Photo courtesy of Emma Marks

7:16:  male individual sitting on a fishing boat with a coffee mug in hand

7:17:  Image of downtown Wrangell, circa 1930s.

7:18:  Image of a Tlingit woman in regalia speaking to a Tlingit (raven) man, circa 1980s.

7:19:  Amy Marvin, Nathan Jackson, Nora D, Esther Shea, Katherine Mills at festival, 1991.  Photo taken by Richard Dauenhauer

7:20:  Amy Marvin and Katherine Mills, 1991, Festival of American Folklore, Nora Dauenhauer with back to camera. Photo taken by Richard Dauenhauer

7:21:  Black and white photograph of large social gathering on the street of downtown Wrangell, circa 1920.

7:22:  Tillie Kinnon Paul Tamaree C. 1946. Photo by WM L Paul, Jr. Courtesy of Frances Paul DeGermain.

7:23:  Seward Kunz, ANB

7:24:  Chester Worthington, ANB

7:25:  George Eva Davis May 1976. Photo taken by Richard Dauenhauer

7:26:  Photograph capturing Tlingit culture amid the ku.éex for the passing of George Davis, where individuals stand as one so the lost one is not really gone, October 1986. Austin Hammond wears the Stomping Shaman tunic.  Photo taken by Peter Metcalfe, courtesy of Kootznoowoo Inc.

7:27:  Was’daa, Tlingit Joe Colliar. Photo courtesy of Cecilia Kunz

7:28:  Susie James 1975.  Courtesy of Patricia Pelayo Melle

7:29:  Choir aboard Princeton Hall singing from harbor while entering port of Hoonah. March 1949, Courtesy of Bill and Kathy Ruddy

7:30:  Princeton Hall in front of Sheldon Jackson School, 1945.  Photo courtesy of Ellen Hope Hays

7:31:  Princeton Hall, September 21, 1941. Photo courtesy of Ellen Hope Hays

7:32: Charlie Joseph. Photo courtesy of Ethan Makina

7:33: Charlie Joseph, late 1970s, T & H. Ceat. Counc, Arch

7:34:  Tlingit social gathering involving the gifting of money

7:35: Tlingit dancers including Rosita Worl, Jimmie Marks, Johnny Marks and others performing at the Alaska State Museum in 1968 or 1969

7:36:  Annie Joseph, early 1980s

7:37:  Male individual captaining a sea vesicle

7:38:  Susie James

7:39:  Robert Zubolf, June 1971.  Photo by Jon Lyman, SHF NEG

7:40:  Elderly individual sitting a wheel chair

7:41:  Tom peters, Teslin, 1966.  Photo by Catharine McClellan

7:42:  two elderly individuals walking

7:43:  Tome Peters, August 1973. Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:44:  Charlie Jim and Jenny.  Photo by Peter Metcalfe

7:45:  Amy Marvin at the memorial For Charlie Joseph, Sitka, October 10, 1987.  Photo courtesy of Harold Jacobs

7:46:  Peter Simpson, 1941. Photo by William L Paul Jr. Courtesy of F.P.D.G

7:47:  Andrew Hope, ANB

7:48:  Louis Paul, 1943. Photo by William L Paul Jr. Courtesy of Frances Paul Degermain

7:49:  aerial view of an Alaskan village built around a bay

7:50:  Tlingit cannery workers, Hoonah 1946.  Photo courtesy of Emma Marks

7:51:  Austin Hammond wearing “Naatuxjayo tunic” [Naatuxjayi – Stomping Shaman]. October 1986. Photo by Nora Dauenhauer. Photo also appears to show Tlingit women in naval uniform, claimed for an outstanding payment.

7:52:  Tlingit elders performing ceremony.  Photo by Peter Metcalfe

7:53:  Tlingit elders posing for a picture.  Photo by Peter Metcalfe

7:54:  Mrs. Geor. Ross, Katherine WMS, Mary Mamse grandson.  Courtesy of Amy Nelson.

7:55:  Johnny Marks performing a Tlingit cultural dance.

7:56:  Johnny Marks posing for picture with child, both wearing Tlingit cultural dance regalia.

7:57:  In front of Raven House.  Identified crest: Splitting Raven.  Courtesy of R J Folta.

7:58:  William Hobson.  ANB

7:59:  James C Johnson, SHF Neg from A. Hope Book.

7:60:  Andrew Hope.  ANB

7:61:  Eli Katanook.  ANB- Miss Print

7:62:  Anna Hunter Soboleff Seated with her children, Ruby Soboleff Jackson and Walter Soboleff, 1920, after the death of her first husband.  Photo courtesy of Wanda Hess.

7:63:  Steward Kunz.  ANB

7:64:  Paul Liberty.

7:65:  Black and white image of Judson Brown in regalia seated, perhaps next to Paul Marks [?] in a tunic, circa 1980.

7:66:  L. Mary Miller of Juneau, R. Luiller Deasis of Juneau, possibly forty day party

7:67:  Tlingit cultural party, man displaying his cultural dance blanket

7:68:  Tlingit cultural party.

7:69:  Frank Johnson, Sitka, June 1972.  Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:70: Charlie Jim, Angoon 1985, photo by Peter Metcalfe courtesy of Kootznoowoo INC.

7:71:  A. P. Johnson. 1920s, Courtesy of Amy Nelson

7:72:  Emma Marks, ANS/ ANB Hall, May 1974

7:73:  David Kadashan, 1950s.  Courtesy of Dakadashan

7:74:  Willie Marks, 1950s.  Courtesy of Emma Marks

7:75:  John Marks, Jenny marks, David Kadashan, WM Johnson. Haines. October 1974.  Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:76:  Mathew Lawrence 1977, Anthony Pope. Photo courtesy of Annabel Revets

7:77:  View of marks Trail, May 1977. Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:78:  Yanwaa Shaa.  October 1986.  Photo by Nora Dauenhauer

7:79:  Jennie White, Juneau, September 1986. Photo by: M. Bryan Thomson

7:80:  Thomas Young October 1978.  Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:81:  Robert Zuboff wearing Beaver Hat, Angoon, June 1971.  Photo by Jon Lyman

7:82:  Charlie White, 1949. Photo by Frederica De Laguna

7:83:  Robert Zuboff preparing deer head stew. Winter 1971-72. Photo by Jon Lyman

7:84:  William Peter Hobson and daughter Martha, 1918. Photo courtesy of Wanda Hess.

7:85:  James C Johnson. Photo by Wm. Courtesy of Frances Paul DeGermain

7:86:  Frank Johnson, June 1972. Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:87:  Ruby Soboleff Jackson at Hood Bay, 1920s. Photo courtesy of Wanda Hess.

7:88:  Frank Peratovich. Courtesy of ANB

7:89:  North Pass, 1961. Photo by Alex Marks

7:90:  Amy Maruin October 1981. Richard Dauenhauer

7:91:  Willie Marks, Paul Marks, loading halibut. September 1963.  Photo by Alex Marks

7:92:  New Anny at Glacier Bay May 1961. Photo by Alex Marks

7:93:  John Marks, August 1980, during filming of Haa Shagoon.  Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:94:  Willie Marks.  Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:95:  Roy Peratovich. Courtesy of ANB

7:96:  Tom Peters, Teslin, August 1973. Photo by Richard Dauenhauer

7:97:  Gov. Cowyer and Peratovich family. April 1988.

7:98:  Walter Soboleff preaching on pier in front of the M/V Princeton Hall. 1940s. Courtesy of Bill Ruddy.

7:99:  Louis Shotridge.  ANB

7:100:  James C Johnson, SHI Neg, Form a. Hope Book.

7:101:  Ralph Young 1941, Photo by WML Paul Jr. Courtesy of Frances Paul DeGermain.

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