Alaska Federal & State Indian Law Collection, 1999-2009

Title: Alaska Federal & State Indian Law Collection, 1999-2009
ID: MS/048
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Detailed Description
Box 1: Various resource documents concerning the ongoing issues of Subsistence and Title VIII of ANILCA collected from various sources prior to 1999.  The documents are dated from 1989 to 1999 and include correspondence, reports, legislation, memoranda, and handwritten notes created by participants attending Native Alaskan various subsistence summit conferences.
Box 2: Various documents related to Subsistence issues as they pertain to ANILCA Title VIII, the State of Alaska v Babbitt, and Tribal Status / Sovereignty / Indian Country issues generated by Venetie v. State of Alaska.  The date range is from 1986 to 1998.
Box 3: Various copies and originals of documents pertaining to Subsistence issues, Tribal Status and Indian Country.  The cases that have the greatest bearing are Venetie v. State of Alaska and Aleyeska Pipeline Service Company v. Kluti Kaah Native Village of Copper Center.  The date range is 1982 to 2007.
Box 4: Subsistence related documents that pertain to ANILCA Title VIII and the efforts by Alaskan legislators to remove the federal government from the harvesting of natural resources for use as food.  Correspondence included is generated by Alaska Native organizations charged with the well-being of their shareholders and/or members.  The date range is from 1995 to 2001 and includes copies of legal documents of lawsuits generated by the State along with requests for an audit of monies being used to fund the lawsuit filed by the Legislative Council against Babbitt (1998).
Box 5: Photocopies and original documents pertaining to Subsistence compromise proposals involving Governor Knowles, legislators, tribal organizations and non-Native organizations concerned with which governmental entity will oversee the harvesting of natural resources used primarily for food.  The date range is 1997 to 1998.